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When did child labour stop?

Unfortunately child labour is still happening and I don't think it will stop in the near future.

Does Canada have child labour?

In Canada there is no child labour, but we do have stuff and things that are made by child labour, for example:clothing, food, shoes some are made by child labour.

What is conclusion for child labor in simple language?

Child labour is a worry about our country. Govt should be pass a strict act against child labour, because child labour keep away the child from school, sports, and other enjoyfull things. So We should think about it deeply.

How do you help child labor?

There are many ways to help child labour. I think the Greenpeace website and the World vision website have things you can do to help. Some brands may endorse child labour, so it is always good to check. India has a lot of child labour and Africa does to. Child labour may be used to harvest the cocoa bean for chocolate and I think some brands have neither confirmed nor denied whether they get there cocoa beans from child slavery.Hope this helps

Why there is a problem of child labour. what are the reasons for it?

the reasons of child labour in tunisia

Do kids have to work for child labor?

They do not and did not work for child labour. Child labour is the definition of children working.

Why kids have to work for child labor?

They do not work for child labour. Children working is the definition of child labour.

Chocolate is good?

chocolate is so yum but they use child labour to make it, i think?:(

What is the Definition of child labour?

child labour is just forced to work against their will to support the family economicallythe definition of child labour is when a child is forced to work for little or no money. its mean.

What is the difference between labor and child labor?

Labour can be anyone who is being forced to work or where a woman goes into labour (has a baby) or the party Labour. Child labour is where a child is being ilegally forced to work.

What can you do to stop child labour?

The best solution of the end of child labour is EDUCATION & AWARENESS................

Why should you abolish child labour?

we Don't abolish child labour it is foolness of many people. . . .

What can be done to stop child labour?

i don't think there is a proper way to stop child labour, for if people keep on purchasing goods made by children in child labour, more money will come in and child labour has no way of being stopped. This may sound strange, but the only way to stop child labour is to stop buying goods from countries where child labour is a hazzard... There's other ways as well such as to create a website for other ppl 2 c around the world that there's many children dying around the world and we as well can support anti slavery organizations such as UNICEF answer by:Mun Soo

Captions on child labor?

no to Child labour

What is a theme for Iqbal?

social justice,child labour,bonded labour

Slogans for child labour?

Labor is for adults. Let kids be kids. Say no to child labour and yes to education.

What was the child labor like in the Victorian era?

Child Labour Simulation A historical simulation on child labour. Each student is given the name of a person involved in the debate over the issue of children working in textile factories in the early part of the 19th century. The characters are divided into eight different categories: Factory Owners: Supporting Child Labour, Factory Owners Opposing Child Labour, Campaigners Against Child Labour, Supporters of Child Labour, Doctors Opposing Child Labour, Doctors Supporting Child Labour, Child Workers: Girls and Child Workers: Boys. Each student then used the Internet to discover details of their character and their views on child labour. Each student writes a brief biography of their character and prepares a speech for a debate entitled: "Parliament should pass legislation making it illegal for children under the age of twelve to work in textile factories." See the article, Child Labour in the 19th Century, for an account of how the simulation works in the classroom.

Does Germany have child labor?

no germany does not have child labour

Why does child labor occurr?

Child labour was cheap!

Why do companies use child slavery?

Companies use child labour because they think that children can't speak out, so they think it will be easy to get lots of work out of them without lots of problems.

Slogans on child labor?

pleasure of pain and labour to mother on child birth , but child labourbut pains and perils to child mother is put to pain and labour for a child's birth, why to pass it on to the child ?

Where is child labour found?

Child labour is mostly found in third world countries such as india, africa, afganistan and pakistan.

How do you stop child labor?

the people should be more aware with the problems of child labour.child labour take over the rights of a child like right to education etc...the laws against child labour must be enforced for making the rules a litle more stronger....

Slogan for child labor?

It is doubtful anyone would wish to see a slogan for child labour. Most people would be against the idea of child labour.

How do you write an essay about child labor in English?

what is child labour