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Marijuana should be legal in certain amounts. I personally love the "ganja" as it is commonly referred to as, but some others dont, and think of it as an adictive drug which could end your life bla bla bla. That is all a lie. Marijuana is sometimes (mostly never), a adictive drug. Personally I like to smoke it, I chill out listen to some music and trip the moment, but ive been through a couple of scares with my parents so Ive had to stop using it. Marijuana is great, better than alcohol in my opinion and it should be legal in controlled amounts.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-21 04:27:04
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Q: What do you think about marijuana?
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Can you mix norco and marijuana?

I think you can

What happens when you mix marijuana and hash?

Not a lot, I think. Hash is another preparation of cannabis/marijuana.

Does marijuana affect menstrual cycle?

I think it can.

Is it dangerous to smoke marijuana just once?

I would not think that marijuana is dangerous, but it might make people think differently of you. I would not use marijuana just for fun, use it as a natural painkiller, because thats what it is.

Can marijuana cause you to become delusional?

no, well i think not me as a teenager overcoming marijuana can hasn't had that effect on me yet

What beliefs do you have about marijuana use in societygoodbadwhywhy not do you think it is the new acceptable drug?

what beliefs do you have about marijuana use in society good bad why why not do you think it is new acceptable drug?

Can antibiotics clean marijuana out of your system?

I don't think antibiotics will help clean marijuana out of your system. If anything THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, in Marijuana will effect how the body absorbs antibiotics. So you see, I don't think you will have much joy there sorry.

Why do some people think marijuana is consider a gateway drug?

Because many drug abusers began with marijuana.

What are the effects of Bhang?

It has the same effect as marijuana, I think.

Is it safe for a bearded dragon to eat marijuana?

I actually dont think it is save for a beardie to eat marijuana. think about how it makes a himan feel now think about the size and weight of the bearded dragon and the effects.

Does marijuana hurt muscle growth?

there is no evidence of marijuana hurting muscle growth, so i would think not. for anyother health concerns about marijuana go to and look for the myths section. It proveshow harmless marijuana is.

Who wants to legalize marijuana?

Me. and other people who think it's ridiculous how tobacco is a lot worse for your health than marijuana is.

Will the US legalise marijuana?

I think marijuana should be legalized. I would rather be in a room with a person who was high on marijuana than a person that is drunk on alcohol any day of the week

Why would people use marijuana?

They think they look cool

Will marijuana leave your system in a month?

no, it takes a while i think

Did people smoke marijuana in the 60s?

I don't think so

Does air National Guard blood test for marijuana?

I think they do

Does marijuana kill your bran cells?

by reading your question, i think it does

What phobia is the fear of not having marijuana?

I think it is called "Jonseing"

What animal did the Aztec think helped to cure earache?


What does speed of cheeba mean?

i think the speed of the marijuana effect?

Can you be allergic to marijuana smoke?

I think you can because I think I am allergic to smoke. I am not positive but I am pretty sure.

How much marijuana can on get by a California marijuana prescription?

i think its 50mlg I don't think that's true because 50 mlg (mg) isn't even one tenth of a gram and I think you can buy up to four ounces at a time.

Can you use marijuana religiously?

No, I think the Bible is against drug use.

What is the penalty for cultivating 300 marijuana plants?

i think it depends on where you live.