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What do you think about personal searches at school?


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2008-01-11 18:52:39
2008-01-11 18:52:39

I think that personal searches in schools are violating a persons personal space, I think that sometimes it might be ok if the principal thinks that you have drugs or a bomb or a weapon but if they don't know if you have anything that it is very wrong to do, say you have a cell phone or an iPod or something like that in your pocket and your principal or say some teacher comes up to you and says empty your pockets and once you empty your pockets and they see that you have a cell phone or ipod or something then what do you think they will do? I mean now at my school they are confiscating our cell phones if they see that we have one in our pocket and we don't get our cells back until our parents come and get it for us, do you think that, that is right? So no i don't always think that personal searches are right at school.


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