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Q: What do you think about the extrange case of Benjamin button from a critical way?
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WHAT illness does benjamin button have?

I don'tknow exactly what his illness is but he was born old and as he gets older he ages backwards. And I think it is because of yourmom

How many actors played Benjamin button?

I thought it was only Brad Pitt - they made him look old and stuff. I think it was more like 7 or 8

Where is A button in PSP?

the a button i think is squere

What do you think the moral or lesson is of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

faneeza nesha hamid...the moral lesson that i got is no matter about your physical appearance as long as you love him.just like daisy did.she cannot looked the physical appearance of of benjamin because she love him and i think they met to be...i mean its a destiny.

Is Benjamin single?

I think so

Is Benjamin single?

I think so

What is the home button on the keyboard?

i think it next to delete button

What is the wps button on your router?

I think it is also the aoss button.

Where is the a button on the PS3 controller?

There is no a button on the ps3 controller. I think you are referring to the x button.

What does the fart button do?

What do you think it does?!!

Is Jaida Benjamin single?

I think so

Who invented sweatshirts?

I think it was Benjamin Franklin.

Who was invetor of clock?

I think Benjamin Franklin.

What water problem do you think is most critical in your community and why?

i think salt water is most critical because we can't drink salt water

Is Benjamin Franklin in government?

Benjamin Franklin is dead, but I think he was in government befor he was elected for president

Does critical thinking affect or effect performance?

Impact of Critical thinking on Performance in Mathematics students can learn not only what to think but also how to think critically.

Who is the writer for Breaking Benjamin?

I think mainly Its Benjamin and Aaron (Guitarist) but everyone kinda gives something to it.

How many brothers or sisters did Benjamin Banneker have?

I think that Benjamin Banneker had 3 sisters and 7 brothers.

What did Benjamin Franklin think about the military?

he thinks that its dume

Was Benjamin Franklin respected?

think so yes

Was Benjamin Banneker a president?

no people just think that

How many jobs did Benjamin Franklin have?

I think seven.:?

What color eyes did Benjamin Franklin have?

Brown, I think...

How did Benjamin Franklin influence the world?

by his achievements i think

What did Benjamin Franklin think of death?

he thought of his inventions