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Iran's president will rail about the zionist Israel, claiming that they have no right to exist, and attempt to provoke other countries to respond. If countries do respond, it only helps his cause and helps to highlight it. This cause only serves to further nationalist sentiment, and distract from domestic issues. He is all talk and little action.

From the links below:

"Well, Ahmadinejad is a ceremonial president. He is a little bit more active, has stronger links to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps than his predecessor, Mohammad Khatami, who, by the way -- the previous president of Iran -- has upbraided Ahmadinejad for his comments regarding Holocaust denial. So Ahmadinejad is -- he is not commander-in-chief of the armed forces. He can't order anybody to kill anybody. He can't launch a war. He can't launch missiles. Those powers are vested in the Supreme Jurisprudent, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Ahmadinejad can, you know, cut the ribbons and open bridges and things like that. So the American right's fascination with him is entirely misplaced, and it's because he's a quirky character and he has objectionable views, and so it's easy to use him to demonize Iran." JUAN COLE

Trita Parsi is author of Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran and the United States. Our guest also, Ervand Abrahamian, Iran expert, Distinguished Professor at Baruch College. I wanted, Professor Abrahamian, to read from Juan Cole's piece, who says, talking about Ahmadinejad, "He has been depicted as a Hitler figure intent on killing Israeli Jews, even though he is not commander in chief of the Iranian armed forces, has never invaded any other country, denies he is an anti-Semite, has never called for any Israeli civilians to be killed, and allows Iran's 20,000 Jews to have representation in Parliament," that Khamenei is the one with the real power.

Iran is the country that is in danger. It is not a danger to anyone.

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Does Israel want to destroy Iran?

I think not; however, Israel is determined that Iran not have nuclear weapons.

Which is a stronger country Iran or Israel?

stronger let me think IRAN

What does Justin Bieber think about Iran?

I think justin bieber is working for israel so i think he hates iran

Which is the largest out of Iraq Iran and israel?

Iran > Iraq > Israel.

Do Iran and Israel share a border?

No, Iran and Israel do not share a border.

Is Israel in Iran?

Israel and Iran are two separate countries, with no overlap.

Why does Iran believe Israel should not exist?

because Israel takeover Palestinian ( they and all Arabs -including me- think Israel is a terrorist country )

Why is Iran a threat to the us?

Iran is more of a threat to Israel. Israel is our allie.

What do you think about Israel. Does Iran have the right to defend itself?

It doesn't look like Iran is trying to defend itself, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is theatening to use nuclear weapons against Israel.

Who has more fresh water Israel or Iran?


Will Israel bomb Iran?

No, because if so, Iran wont be reaction less and it means defeat of Israel

What is a way Iran and Israel are alike?

Both Iran and Israel have a history of hostility with various Arab nations.

Why Is Iran in war with Israel?

Iran is not at war with Israel, but on many occasions, has announced its intention to be, sooner or later.

Does Iran border western Israel?

-- Western Israel is bordered by Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. -- No part of Iran borders any part of Israel.

Who is the President of Iran?

Hassan Rouhani is the President of Iran. Rouhani became the 7th President of Iran on 2013 August 7.The President of Iran is Hassan Rouhani.

Will Iran attack Israel?

For the moment, Iran does not need to attack Israel. Its proxy armies like the Syrians, Hezbollah, and Hamas (all funded by and/or trained in Iran) are doing a sufficient job attacking and fighting Israel. If Israel or the United States declares open war on Iran, however, Iran will retaliate by attacking Israel since its missiles can reach targets in that area.

Who was elected president of Iran in 2005?

Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud - President of Iran elected president of Iran, 2005.

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What is problem between Iran and Israel?

Please see the related link below for an excellent article on Iran Israel relations.

Which Asian countries start with the letter I?



I think you mean Ahmadinijhad (maybe not spelled that way), the president of Iran.

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What is the distance between Jerusalem Israel and Tehran Iran?

The distance between Jerusalem, Israel, and Tehran, Iran, is 967 miles, (1,556km).