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What is a Seamstess? Please answer it and hurry its for my report and for college. Thnx.

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How much do you tip a seamstress who is self employed?

I always do ~20% of bill total.

Was Betsy Ross a inventor or a seamstress?


Is seamstress a compound word?

No, seamstress is not a compound word.

What is the duration of The Seamstress?

The duration of The Seamstress is 1.45 hours.

What were a seamstress' responibsilities back then?

A seamstress is a woman who sews. Presumably, a seamstress "back then" (whenever that was) was a woman who sewed.

What is a seamstress?

A seamstress is a person that makes, repairs, and does alterations to clothing.

What is the opposite gender of a seamstress?

The male version of a seamstress is a tailor.

What is a sentence with the word seamstress?

I'm very seamstress to my boss.

How do you make a sentence using the word seamstress?

Alice is an accomplished seamstress.

How much should a seamstress make in Brazil?

There is no set pay for a seamstress in Brazil. It really depends on the hiring party what they are going to pay the seamstress.

How do you spell seamtrees?

The word is spelled seamstress. A seamstress is a person who makes or revises clothing.

What was a seamstress in colonial times?

Want to know what a seamstress is? Well a seamstress is a dressmaker from the 17's. It makes clothes and usually sew and knit clothes for people in their town.

How do you use the word seamstress in a sentence?

Betsy Ross was a seamstress who sewed flags during the Revolutionary War. The seamstress was able to repair the wedding dress in time for the ceremony.

What did a colonial seamstress do?

A colonial seamstress sews clothing back together and they also make dresses.

How do you use seamstress in a sentence?

A seamstress is someone who makes or mends things by sewing them, usually a woman. The word is a noun, so you can use it like this."The seamstress just fixed my dress."

What is the overall story in the movie The Seamstress?

A summary of the movie known as The Seamstress is a horror movie in which the "seamstress" was brought into being by a curse of an innocent women being tortured to death by a vigilante mob. The specter hunts a small group of friends on an island intending to kill them with her seamstress needle.

What actors and actresses appeared in Of My God - 2005?

The cast of Of My God - 2005 includes: Theresa Chen as Voice of mother Zhu Fang as Foreman Maddie Flynn as Street Extra Shinsuke Fukamachi as Seamstress Colin Hettinger as Street Extra Soo Jin Hwang as Seamstress Chich La Pointe as Street Extra Kevin Lu as Fay Shannon Lu as Seamstress Noriko Masuyama as Seamstress Kelly Patrick as Street Extra Amber Randle as Street Extra Yuelian Shen as Seamstress Eon Song as Seamstress Hy Sui as Seamstress Nicholas Yang as Cherng Bing Yang as Seamstress Chen Yuan as Mother

Betsie ross was a?


Who produces clothes?


Who is Rose Park?

she was a seamstress

What is synonym of seamstress?


What did a seamstress do for a living?

They sew.

What noun in this sentence a seamstress uses a tape measure?

The sentence contains 2 nouns - "seamstress" and "tape measure".

What does a seamstress wear?

A seamstress can wear most anything - sometimes he/she will wear the garments that he/she has made, and other times they will wear garments they purchase. Often a seamstress is interested in fashion/tailoring, which will be reflected in his or her personal style.

What is a seamstress and what is an apprentice?

A seamstress is a person who fixes and makes clothing. They are like tailors, dressmakers, and people who make or fix clothing.