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What do you understand about personnel management?

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Personnel administration is the business discipline of managing programs, events, and systems which improve the effectiveness of the organization's human capital. Typically personnel administration encompasses five areas: selection & planning, employee relations, (labor relations with unions, training, safety, compensation & benefits. Within each of these areas several systems can be used, depending upon the size of the organization. These programs can be strategic, ( do we build a plant in Mexico?) or very tactical, (how do we hire the best drill press operator?).

is it succient answer for 2.5 marks

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What do you mean by payroll in personnel management?

What do you mean by payroll in personnel management?"

Amplify personnel management as a discipline?

Answering "Amplify personnel management as a discipline?"

Difference between personnel management and personnel administration?

The personnel administration deals with the coordination, organizing and staffing while personnel management deals with the planning and controlling. The personnel administration runs the given show while the personnel management controls the show.

What is personnal management?

Personnel management means ensuring that you have contact information and paperwork on your employees. Personnel management is not as strategic as human resource management.

What is public personnel administration?

Public personnel administration deals with the management of a public organizational workforce or its personnel. It is a branch of human resource management.

What is the differences between personal management vs hrm?

Difference between Human resource management and personnel managementØ Human resource management is flexible where as personnel management is burocratic.Ø Human resource management is bottom up approach where as personnel management belives in top down approach.Ø In Human resource management organization structure is organic where as in personnel management organization structure is mechanistic.Ø Human resource management is people oriented where as personnel management is task oriented.Ø Human resource management see long term prospective where as personnel management see short term prospective.Ø Human resource management belive in facts and identified solution where as personnel management belive only on number.

About what percentage of middle management personnel are career people?

about 80% of middle management personnel are career people.

What is the budget of Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management?

The budget of Oklahoma Office of Personnel Management is 2,600,000 dollars.

Compare and contrast the difference between personnel management and human resources management?

compare and contrast personnel management and human resource managrment

When was United States Office of Personnel Management created?

United States Office of Personnel Management was created in 1979.

What has the author I L Heckmann written?

I. L. Heckmann has written: 'Human relations in management' -- subject(s): Personnel management 'Human relations in management' -- subject(s): Personnel management

What has the author Jean Mary Collingridge written?

Jean Mary Collingridge has written: 'Personnel management' -- subject(s): Management, Personnel management, Small business

Distinguish between human resource management and personnel management?

AnswerTo understand the difference between HR Management and Personnel management, you need to look at its focus, its strategies, and the people who comprise it. "Personnel" refers to the 'old days' where HR primarily focused on administration, transactions and employee advocacy. This concept of "personnel management" is much less applicable in a world where mergers, globalization and new technologies are fundamentally changing the way business is done. Companies require true 'out of the box' strategies and tools to achieve success and change. "HR Management" reflects this new role of business partner in which the field influences, effects and responds to change.

What has the author Hazel Davis written?

Hazel Davis has written: 'Personnel administration in three non-teaching services of the public schools' -- subject(s): Personnel management, School management and organization, School personnel management

What has the author Nicholas J Beutell written?

Nicholas J. Beutell has written: 'Personal computer (PC) projects for effective personnel management' -- subject(s): Personnel management, Data processing 'Instructor's manual to accompany Personal computer (PC) projects for Effective personnel management' 'Personal computer (PC) projects for personnel and human resource management' -- subject(s): Personnel management, Data processing, Problems, exercises

Scope of personnel management?


The growing mechanization of industry is decreasing the importance of personnel management?

The growing mechanization of industry is decreasing the importance of personnel management?comment

What has the author Fred C Wechsler written?

Fred C. Wechsler has written: 'Personnel management' -- subject(s): Personnel management

When you think of personnel management what comes to mind?

Personnel management is human resources, or HR. Personnel management is responsible for attracting, selecting, training, assessing, and rewarding employees. They are also responsible for any complaint or problems an employee may have.

What are the problems in personnel management?

Personnel management walks a fine line in keeping the staff as a whole happy and productive. Keeping a workforce motivated without large rewards or incentives can be hard, Not understanding the workforce can cause personnel management problems, Also external factors such as economics can affect the management of personnel that one is unable to control.

What is Personnel Selection Branch's motto?

Personnel Selection Branch's motto is 'To Understand'.

Is master of personnel management is equivalent to master of business administration with specialisation in hr or personnel management?

Yes, it is equal to MBA. And also personnel management is the old term used in 1920's, the same now a days calling as HR.

Major differences between Hrm and Personnel Management?

The only difference between Human Resources Management and Personnel Management is the name. The two are used interchangeable, although Human Resources is more commonly used these days than Personnel.

Who writes the paycheck for the u.s. president?

The U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Personnel Management. it is signed by the Director of the Office of Personnel Management.

Problems of personnel management?

There are a great many different problems that could be going on in personnel management. There could be communication issues and errors for example.