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A scoopula is a small metal spoon-like device used to scoop solid compounds out of a jar or bottle.

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What is a scoopula and how is it used?

A scoopula is a small metal tool used to transfer solids in a chemistry lab.

What is the scoop of chemistry?

the "scoop" in chemistry is also known by its correct name, scoopula. It is used to pick-up chemicals (solids).

What is a scoopula and what is it used for?

It is a tool used in chemistry labs that help transfer substances. It looks like a mini shovel. It's basically a scoop.

What is the use of a Scopula?

A scoopula is a type of tiny metal implement used in a laboratory. It is used mainly for transporting solids.

What are the uses of scoopula?

transfers solids from container to scale

What is used for scooping up small amounts of chemicals?

a scoopula

What used to remove chemicals from a reagent bottle?

A scoopula or spatula

What is a lab spoon?

Scoopula, I think. Or simply a metal/plastic lab spoon.

What is your contribution of chemistry to your daily lives?

Chemistry contributes to your daily life constantly. You use chemistry when you create a recipe or use a piece of soap. You use chemistry when you wear cosmetics or use shampoo.

How do doctors use chemistry?

Doctors use chemistry by making medicines

How do hairstylist use chemistry?

They use hairspray which contains chemicals which is chemistry.

Language of analytical chemistry?

Analytical chemistry use the general language of chemistry.

Use the word chemistry in a sentence?

chemistry is very important. chemistry is different from bio chemistry .

How do physicians use chemistry?

Chemistry is vital to physicians.

What chemistry doesn't use carbon?

This is the inorganic chemistry.

Give you five professions that use chemistry?

give me five professions that use chemistry?

How do physicians use chemistry-?

Physicians use chemistry in dosing and mixing medications and remedies.

What chemistry is use in mechanical engineering?

general inorganic chemistry

What are the important in chemistry?

the importance of chemistry is to use chemical with pattern if you use pattern to do chemical you will succede

Role of chemistry in civil engineering?

Chemistry is used in quite a few different situations in the field of chemical engineering. Water and waste management use chemistry, building materials use chemistry, concrete chemistry is needed, and more...

How does a nurse use chemistry?

All pharmaceuticals are chemical products; clinical chemistry is a branch of analytical chemistry.

How does a physician use chemistry?

All pharmaceuticals are chemical products; clinical chemistry is a branch of analytical chemistry.

Why would you use chemistry software?

You would use chemistry software if you feel you need assistance in your chemistry work, for examples such as drawing chemical structure designs. Chemistry software is often found useful by chemistry major students in college.

Do chemistry teachers use science?

Yes, because chemistry is a science.

What are three occuptions that use chemistry?

chemistry teacher, doctor, pharmacist