What do you use astatine for?


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You use astatine to heal hyperthyroidism.

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Now, no commercial use for astatine; but the isotope astatine 211 was proposed for the radiotherapy of cancers.

It's being studied for potential use in nuclear medicine (the isotope astatine-211).

The chemical formula for astatine is "At"

Astatine has 125 neutrons

Astatine is a chemical element, not a compound.

Astatine is an element, an atom.

Astatine is an element with the symbol At.

The color of the element astatine is unknown.

The chemical symbol of astatine is At

The valence of astatine is -1.

francium plus (+) Astatine *

is astatine an electrical conducter

The color of astatine is not known.

Atomic radius of astatine: 127 pm Covalent radius of astatine: 150 pm

Scientists have not sufficient astatine to determine the hardness.

The valence of astatine is -1.

The odor of astatine is not known up today.

No sufficient astatine to measure mechanical properties.

what is a common compound of astatine

Astatine is a solid nonmetal.

Astatine is not a mineral but a chemical element. Astatine can be obtained as a pure element but in extremely small quantities.

Astatine is reactive as a halogen; some compounds are HAt, NaAt, MgAt2, CAt4, AtBr, AtI, etc. The chemistry of astatine is practically not known because we have not sufficient quantities of astatine for study and also the half life of astatine isotopes are too short.

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