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What do you use phosphorus for?

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Phosphorus can be found in baking powder that can be sat in the refrigerator. Phosphorus is used to make china and plates. It is also used to make fireworks, fertilizer, and glass.

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Who do we sell phosphorus to?

The primary use of phosphorus is in fertilizer, so we sell phosphorus to fertilizer manufacturers.

How do you use the word phosphorus in a sentence?

Phosphorus dirt and soil.

Why do they use red phosphorus in crystal meth?

White Phosphorus is deadly. Maybe they should use it!

What do farmers use phosphorus for?

To increase soil fertility if the soil is deficient in phosphorus.

Use metric conversion factors to solve the daily value of phosphorus is 800 mg how many grams of phosphorus are recommended?

The daily requirement of phosphorus is 800. How many grams of phosphorus are needed?

Is there a compound of phosphorus with a clear use that young people can understand?

How about phosphorus itself? Red phosphorus is used in making the striking surface for safety matches.

What is the use of phosphorus pentachloride as medicine?


What are uses of phosphorus?

use in making fertizer

Does implant therapy use phosphorus?


Does interstitial radiation use phosphorus?


Does intracavitary radiation use phosphorus?


Is it legal to use white phosphorus as a weapon?

White phosphorus is used in wars as a weapon because of its flammable nature and toxicness, so it's probably not gonna be legal to use white phosphorus as a person weapon unless you are facing war.

How do you determine the phosphorus speciation of a soil?

the use of NMR

What is a slogan for phosphorus?

If you want to glow then use Phosphous If you want to glow then use Phosphous

What are three allotropes of phosphorus?

The two most common allotropes of phosphorus are white phosphorus and red phosphorus.Other allotropes are scarlet phosphorus, black phosphorus and diphosphorus.

What is the general use for phosphorus?

Phosphorus compounds are also widely used in explosives, nerve agents, friction matches, fireworks, pesticides, toothpaste and detergents.

What is the Latin name for phosphorus?

the latin name for phosphorus is phosphorus

Why is phosphorus named phosphorus?

phosphorus means "bringer of light".

What mineral helps your body use carbohydrates fats and proteins?

phosphorus. :)

What do plants use phosphate salts for?

Phosphorus is indispensable for the growth of plants.

What fraction of the air does phosphorus use when it burns?

It uses approx 21%.

Is phosphorus Ionic or convalent bond?

Phosphorus is a nonmetallic element so phosphorus-phosphorus bonds are covalent.

Is white phosphorus and red phosphorus an allotrope?

Yes; white and red phosphorus are both allotropes of phosphorus. They are, in fact, the most common allotropes of phosphorus.

Is phosphorus magnetic?

phosphorus is not magnetic

What is the pronunciation rebus of phosphorus?


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