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brake cleaner works well for me

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Q: What do you use to clean the parts of the head gasket?
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How do you replace the head gasket on a Chevy Impala?

Dis-connect battery hot wire, remove air cleaner and other components in order to remove the intake manifold. Remove head, insert each bolt into cardboard and mark which hole each came out of. The same goes for all parts removed, mark each with arrows, numbers or whatever it takes so as to replace all back to how you found them before starting your repairs. Remove defective head gasket, clean gasket material off both the block and the head with a putty knife or other tool. Install new gasket, replace head and all other parts in reverse order and you're done. Of course you want to use good gasket sealer for the manifold and hose connections. DO NOT USE GASKET MATERIAL BETWEEEN THE HEAD AND ENGINE BLOCK. ONLY THE NEW HEAD GASKET GOES THERE!!!!!!!!!!

Can you use a sealant for a head gasket?

Never use sealant for a head gasket! It is used as a quick fix for cracks in the gasket but will not last very long. Safer to get the job done correctly.

Is it bad to use gasket glue on a head gasket?

Yes. -Unless your manual specifically calls for it, you never use anything but the recommended gasket

Can you use a car with the head gasket damaged?

No! I can't use.

How to change valve cover gasket?

What you need is a couple clean rags...some spray solvent...a putty knife and your new gasket. First remove the valve cover, then with your putty knife...very carefully scrape the cover if any gasket is stuck to it...then use your hands to peel off any gasket material from the some newspaper or a couple rags on the cylinder head to catch any debris before you use your putty knife to scrape the head(make sure you hold the knife almost parallel to avoid causing any gouges)...then use the cleaning solvent on the valve cover and make sure there is no oil residue or gasket paper left...then wet a clean rag with the solvent and clean the cylinder head and wipe clean with another rag. Now your surfaces are ready for the new gasket. Place the gasket on the head and carefully place the valve cover back on the head. Tighten all the bolts hand tight first then starting in the middle and working out...tighten the bolts outward in a spiral pattern to the recommended torque...somewhere around 20 pounds... About one half turn past when it feels snug

How do you use liquid glass for head gasket?

dont do it !

Could leaky vale covers cause bad head gasket signs?

If the valve cover is leaking it may let oil flow down the head and make the Head gasket appear to be leaking. Clean the engine and then use oil dye or watch for leaks. If there is a coolant leak it is not the valve cover.

What is the best head gasket sealant?

you should never use a sealant on a head gasket as that is only a temporary fix in an emergency situation. The only permanent fix is to replace the gasket.

Does a temporary head gasket sealer work on a 1978 Monte Carlo?

Not likely.... I'd never use anything "temporary" on a head gasket.

How much does it cost to repair a head gasket on a 1991 Chevrolet caprice?

it will be between $900.00 to $1300.00 depending if you use quality parts and also if you grind the valves.

Can you use an head gasket sealant to fix a blown head gasket?

NO! These type products are only an emergency repair. The only permanent repair is to remove and replace the blown gasket. Besides these type products can cause clogging of the cooling system. Do not use them.

Does a head gasket needs any kind of silicone or glue prior installation or just proper torque?

No never. Not if both surfaces are good, clean and true. I've never, ever, used sealant on a head gasket. If the surfaces are NOT true etc. then you should get them faced by an engineering firm. Always use a new gasket every time. Never use an old one. (The only exception is that the vehicle manufacturer says to use sealant in the manual.)

Can you blow a head gasket if you put a performance air fillter on?

No, the type air filter you use will have no detrimental effect on the head gasket. Head gaskets normally blow due to engine overheating.

How do you change the valve cover gasket on a 1999 Kia Sportage?

On any automobiles. Take the valve cover off and clean any gasket residue on it. Take out the old one and also clean any gasket residue on the cylinder head. Using proper gasket sealing and gasket place new one on and torque cover back on to specs. Good to always use new nuts and bolts and inspect any other area you need to look with the valve cover off. Should take no more than 1hr unless you have more then one cylinder head.

Can you use the factory head gasket on a modquad head instead of the o-rings on a banshee?

No. I tried to put a normal head gasket on my banshee and it leaked coolant like crazy! you have to have the o-rings!

How do you use holts wondarweld seal to repair head gasket to Renault kangoo van?

Holts Wonda Weld can be used to seal the head gasket in place of a hot welder. The seal will hold the head gasket together until it can be properly repaired. It is not a permanent solution.

Is necessary to change a head gasket when repairing an engine or i can use the same used gasket and will work well?

Definately use a new head gasket no question about it.. The only reuseable head gaskets are from full out race engines. Usually customed milled from a sheet of copper and most of the time reuseable for a set number of uses...

Where is the gasket located on a 95 geo prizm?

Under the cylinder head. Under the cylinder head. Unless you're talking about another gasket, but then you'd use the same logic.

When installing head gaskets on a Chevy 350 which way is up?

it doesn't matter. it mostly depends on how it lays on the head. be sure to use lots of sylcone to prevent leaking. New answer; IF you use silacone on a head gasket, you will have a hell of a mess. NEVER put sealer on a head gasket. They do not need it.

How do you change a cylinder head gasket?

To do this you need to drain the coolant and oil and take the rocker box and cylinder head off the engine to get to the gasket. You then replace the old gasket with a new one (you may need to use gasket cement also) and replace all the bits you had to take off and tighten up the bolts (these have to be tightened in a specific order to a specific tension). You then need to add new oil and coolant. Note that a head gasket problem can pit the cylinder head surfaces and could be caused by a deformed cylinder head. If this is the case, then the parts will need to be sent off to be ground flat/resurfaced (this may change the engine volume) first.

What sealant can you use for head casket repair?

There are several pour in sealant options that "Claim" to seal head gasket leaks. If they work at all and it is unlikely, it will be for a short period only.The only real repair for head gasket leaks is to change the head gasket making sure to check everything correctly allong the way!

What are the cylinder head bolt torque setting on a 1988 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0l straight 6 engine?

You should refer to repair manual, clean threads in block as well as mating surfaces and use new head bolts and gasket

You installed a new thermostat and gasket and now coolant is leaking from the gasketthermostat?

The gasket suface problably was not clean enough and or did you use sealant? Sometimes the thermostat does not sit in the housing properly, since the housung is bolted to the head on its side, good chace the thermostat slid a little bit..

When do use steel seal?

If you have a blown head gasket. you pour it in the radiator and it's suppose to fix your blown head gasket. I've never used it so i don't know if it actually works