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If you are using the cutting board for show then a polyurethane would work, if you use it for cutting, then a good rub down on a periodic basis with vegetable oil works well. The oil resists water but won't contaminate your food. I use mineral oil. My wood cutting board care instructions recommended this. I use it about once every 4-6 weeks as the wood looks dry. I have always used Danish oil on my cutting boards when first made. Answer== Just make sure whatever you use is food grade mineral oil.

Food grade mineral oil is preferred, as vegetable oils can go rancid.

Mineral oil is the most common treatment. Adding beeswax to the mineral oil is also effective. Vegetable oil needs to be cleaned and re-treated much more frequently as it is organic. Wooden Butcher Blocks and Cutting Boards I'm glad others agree that wood is the ultimate cutting surface! There is nothing like the feel and the beauty of cutting on wood. Its too bad so many people still use mineral oil though. Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product that never dries. You either eat it or wash it away. Preserve Woodenware Oil is a 100% non-toxic product that dries naturally. It fills the pores and helps exclude bacteria. It is made of edible nut oils that dry (vegetable oils and mineral oil never does).

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Q: What do you use to finish a butcher block cutting board?
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Where can one find a Butcher Block cutting board?

Butcher Block cutting boards can be easily found at any stores that sell kitchen supplies. Some such sites include Sears, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Alternatively Butcher Block cutting boards can be bought from online retailers such as Amazon.

What is the best cutting board to use?

One with a 'butcher's block' format, so you cut on the end grain.

What kind of glue do you use to make a butcher block cutting board?

You will need to use an outdoor glue as it is usuallt waterproof.

What do you always do on a cutting board?

Cut things! You use a cutting board so that you have a clean, safe surface to cut food. It makes sure your food is clean and so that you don't damage your counter tops. Some people have a butcher block counter top but, they still use a cutting board because they don't want to damage the butcher block. Hope this helped! <3,

What is the name of a kitchen utensil starting with c?

cullinder Chopping block/ cutting board.

How much does a cutting board weigh?

depends on the cutting board

What is the best way to sanitize a cutting board after cutting raw meat?

The best way to sanitize a cutting board after cutting raw meat is to rinse immediately after cutting the meat on the board. Afterwards use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the board.

What types of products does John Boos sell to consumers?

John Boos is known for selling wood cutting boards. The company also offers a variety of products such as Block Board Cream with Beeswax and Cutting Board Mystery Oil to keep their cutting boards looking like new!

Should a cutting board be coated before using?

It depends what you will be using the cutting board for.

What colors are the cutting board for food safety?

what are the colors for each cutting board for food safety

How do you remove smell from old butcher block?

Mix 1 teaspoon Clorox into a cup of water. Scrub the board well with this solution. Rinse extremely well and dry. You could also try scrubbing the board with baking soda.

What finish do you use for cutting boards?

USP-grade mineral oil is the best treatment to use to finish a cutting board. You should never use vegetable or olive oils because they will eventually turn rancid, making your food not only taste bad but unhealthy. Mineral oil is widely available and some stores may have their own brand. Bees wax is another option to really seal in the wood and protect your cutting board.

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