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What do you use to get the oil filter off of a 2004 Cavalier?


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2005-01-08 17:44:36
2005-01-08 17:44:36

You use a 1 1/4"socket (preferably six-sided).


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Replace the spark plugs and the spark plug wires. Replace the air filter. Replace the oil and oil filter. Replace the fuel filter.

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you either get a pair a channel lock pliers and turn it off . its a pain in the but but i have to do it on my 2005 cavy . but do it easy or you will strip the cap

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Remove transmission oil pan for access to filter

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to the left of the oil filter at the rear of the engine (97 Cavalier)

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Go to wal mart and buy a Fram Oil Filter know it sounds dumb but that's the only way i got mine off

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