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What do you wash LCD screens with?

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Just a dry cloth. My boyfriend works for a company that installs all types of entertainment equipment and the most common thing he sees is people washing their TVs with windex or water, which may cause damage in the long run. Just use a dry streak free cloth... something that you would use to wipe your glasses.

Another option is to get from an electronics store near you wipes specifically designed for this purpose, which are pre-moistened with solutions that won't damage your LCD or plasma screens. They are very, very inexpensive. Remember however to turn off the TVs or computer screens and led them cool down before the cleaning.

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Do all dvd players comes with lcd?

No, not all DVD players come with LCD. LCD refers to screens, and only portable DVD players come with screens. Most of which aren't even LCD screens but HD screens.

What is better plasma or LCD screens?


What is the difference between lcd and crt screens?

The major difference between LCD and CRT screens is size. LCD screens are often in the form of flat-panel displays, making them much smaller than CRT screens.

What are features of LCD screens from LG electronics?

The LCD screens from LG electronics have the same features as ordinary LCD screens, plus for an extra price, it can have extra features, such as LG Cinema 3D.

What makes a 55 inch LCD TV better than a plasma?

LCD TV screens weigh less and use less energy than plasma TV screens, but plasma has better picture and colors. LCD screens are thinner than plasma screens as well.

How can I find cheap LCD screens?

You can find cheap LCD screens at any electronic store or webiste. Look up or to find cheap LCD screens. You can find them from 350 dollars up past a thousand.

Can a LCD TV screen that has been dropped be fixed?

LCD screens are made of a layer of liquified crystal between electrodes, unlike LED screens, LCD screens aren't made of tiny lightbulbs therefore very hard to fix

What is the diffrence between lcd an plasmama lot of my friends are geting me confusedtell me you always have good opinon. Thanks Gary Schmid ?

Plasma screens are less energy efficient than LCD screens, per square inch. LCD screens are more subject to blurring than plasma screens. The color saturation and black-level performance are considered slightly better in plasma screens, though it depends on model. Plasma screens have a greater likelihood of burn-in than LCD screens.

What type of screens do laptop use?


Does gaming ruin LCD screens?


What camera has two LCD screens?


Why do most laptops use LCD screens?

Technology used to manufacture LCD Screens makes it slim & portable and can be used as Display device for Laptops.

Are lcd televisions better than flat screen tv's?

Lcd tvs are comparable to flat screen tv's. Most flat screen tv's Have LCD screens. Lcd screens are better for the eyes and are very good quality therefore an lcd tv is a good buy

What is the difference between LED and LCD flat screen TV picture clarity?

They dpon't make LED screens yet just LCD and plasma screens.

What reasons does a laptop use a LCD screen?

LCD screens are relatively light weight, flat and require relatively less power than CRT screens.

What is an led screen?

The so called LED screens are not trully LED screens. They are simply LCD screens but they have white LEDs for Backlight.

Who invented LCD computer screens?

Fredrick reinetzer

Do cop cars have laptops?

no they have lcd screens with memory

Is the comet lcd tv a flat screen ?

Yes, all LCD TVs are flat screens. Plasmas, LED, and some CRT TVs are also flat screens.

Where can one find more information about laptop LCD screens?

One can find more information about laptop LCD screens by going to the Computer Shopper website. The website offers information such as how to clean and repair an LCD screen.

Are Best Brands LCD Screen Wipes OK to use on laptop screens?

Yes, all laptop computers are built with LCD screens (as well as many flatscreen televisions).

Do handheld game consoles have a LCD screen?

Yes, most Handheld consoles that i have found have LCD screens.

When a low voltage current is applied to LCD screens what happen?

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What does permanent marker not write on?

LCD computer monitor screens.