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What do you wear to a semi formal?

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For men, your best business suit and the good tie. A boutineer would not be amiss, but not necessary.

For ladies, a dressy dress. Your best Easter frock is a good one, or the silk blouse and the evening wide legged slacks with the glittery belt. The "little black dress" is another option, and accessorize with the glittery accessories. If you have a "cocktail" dress, now is the time to wear it.

This is not the prom formal, so forget that dress. This is the place to wear the excellent "uptown" dress that you bought because it was beautiful...but have no place to wear it. Knee length or dramatic sweeping hems. If you opt for the formal slacks, be sure to do silk or satin blouses, eye catching belts, and evening jewelry. A dramatic scarf would be appropriate too. Tasteful, my dear, tasteful always.

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What is formal clothing versus semi-formal?

Semi-formal means dress clothes. Girls should wear dresses and heals, men should wear suits.

Can a man wear jacket with out tie be consider semi formal?

yes it is considered semi formal

When do you wear a formal kilt?

Formal wear is something that is important for all of us. Whether you are looking for the perfect formal or semi-formal

What should men wear to Carnegie Hall?

Semi Formal to Formal Outfits

Is Tuxedo a Formal or Semi formal wear?

A Tux is generally suitable for semi formal evening events like prom, wedding parties, charity events, award ceremonies. For more formal events, you should wear suits.

What should a guy wear to a semi formal dance?


What shoes should you wear to a semi formal event?


What do men wear in a semi-formal occasion?

In a semi-formal occassion a man would wear: dress shoes, dress pants, and a nice button up shirt with a tie.

What do women wear to a Winston Policy Ball?

formal or semi-formal either way wear a dress or a skirt and good jacket

What type of clothes will wear when meeting an ambassador?

men can wear suit and women can wear semi- formal

What should you wear to your social?

Something nice, semi-formal and comfortable.

Is it appropriate to wear slacks to an afternoon wedding?

It really depends on the weather, and if it is a formal or semi formal wedding. Plus don't wear black ones if you do wear slacks wear cream, or color......

Can a man wear a tie and shirt and be considered dress as semi formal?

In classic usage, "semi-formal" implies a jacket for the man, though not a dinner jacket or tux jacket.

Should you wear formal or semi formal during internship?

You'll have to ask your supervisor; no two internships are alike. However, technically speaking, "formal" and "semi-formal" refer to evening wear like a tuxedo or evening gown, so neither of these would be appropriate unless your internship is in an opera house. At my internship I wear a suit and tie, or a tie and a sport coat.

Is it proper to wear dark brown at a formal night event?

No. Assuming you are in the United States, "formal night events" require a black tuxedo (semi-formal) or tails (formal).

What should a boy wear to a semi formal middle school dance?

a penis costume

What do you wear to a semi formal event?

A nice dress some flats and a hand pouch (:]

What is Garden Formal attire?

This is a semi formal form of dressing. Women should wear knee length dresses and could wear a hat. Men can wear causal suits with a jacket but do not have to wear the jacket all the time.

What to wear to a banquet?

Banquets are usually a semi-formal or formal affair. The invitation should state the dress. Formal attire for men is a tuxedo and for women is an evening gown.

If wearing a military uniform to a civilian funeral do you wear a cover?

Always wear a cover outside. Unless you are in Semi-Formal dress.

What is a semi formal meeting?

A semi-formal meeting the public is typically invited to attend and listen to the speakers. Semi-formal meetings use some of the procedures of a formal meeting.

What do you wear for jazz class?

For jazz class you should wear something black and dressy avoid causual clothes instead wear something semi formal.

What wedding apparel should a male guest wear?

First of all, you should refer to the wedding invitation for the event's dress code, i.e. whether it's formal, semi-formal, or casual; then you can decide accordingly. You should note the type of venue when deciding what to wear, but for formal or semi-formal weddings, a tuxedo or dark suit (with tie) is usually sure to be acceptable.

A suit for informal wear that has an open collar shirtlike jacket and casual look?

An informal attire is relatively formal than the casual attire but less formal than semi formal. You can wear a trouser with a matching jacket and an open collar shirt as a suit for informal wear.

What shoes should one wear on a semi formal occasion?

I would recommend a ballet flat or a wedge

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