What do you wear with my knee high convers for kids?

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Shorty shorts and a shirt that matches it!
You can also wear a pair of skinny jeans and zip up the shoes over them.
Don't wear any "seriously punk-rock" clothes with them, unless you usually wear them.
I know a girl who wore black skinnies, a studded belt, a black shirt, and a black hat with those shoes. Everyone thought it was weird because she usually wore pink and cute stuff.

Also, wear a pair of knee-high socks. I usually pull them up higher than the shoes, so you can see them.

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What age is appropriate for wearing high heel knee length boots?

High heeled knee high boots should be worn by young women in their early 20's to 30's not little girls or seniors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I say 15 or 16 ;) Hope this helps ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What do you wear with knee high boots?

Hmmm..it depends on the type of boots, how high they are, and what colour they are but what I suggest is a denim skirt (not past your knees) and a tight fitting sleeveless (maybe with a sweater or jacket). Perhaps you can add a chain and a silver necklace in. It all depends on your taste and perso ( Full Answer )

Where can you find knee-high converse?

You can find them at the converse store,journeys Or wherever you would find regular converes cause they usually have knee highs where they have the regular.!

Why do volleyball players wear knee pads?

I think that they do this to protect their knees from impact with the volleyball court. This could cause an injury to the knees, or at least bruise them up. In the volleyball game there is very much diving for the ball, kneeling to save the ball("knee save") and even if you know how to dive correctl ( Full Answer )

Why do soccer goalies not wear knee pads?

it allows greater movement for the goalie... when you are flying through the air, it is best to be as light as possible.. anyway, goalies dont run the risk of getting clocked in the shin very often, so it is kind of pointless. if goalies are going to get injured, its going to be the result of a col ( Full Answer )

What do kids do in recess with their knee?

they do not do anything on there knees DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they do not do anything on there knees DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They most likely hurt it or gash it.

Do you wear knee pads in parkour?

Well it's parkour... the point is you don't really need anything... thats why it's such a unique thing.... but if u wanna feel protected you better get some knee or shin pads incase you hit them. Try G-form! they work well

What tights do i wear with knee high boots and a black dress?

depends on the colour of the boots and how bold you want to go. Is the boots are black as well, i would suggest purple. Puple is very big right now. To make the tights the focus of the outfit do not buy dark purple because they will blend in with the back.

Where are converes from?

of course you want to know the answer... convers are from the store silly how can you not get that...

How do scene kids wear converse high tops?

While most prefer Vans or ballet flats, Converses ARE acceptable. Might I recommend a bright shoe? Yellow, lime green, hot pink....etc. :)

What is kids wear?

Kids wear is the dresses wear by children like trousers, tank tops,jeggings and much more.

What was wearing Robben on his knees?

In the recent game against Werder Bremen? He had leggings on under his kit. It was cold, but I don't think that's a very good excuse.

Should one wear knee highs with ballet flats?

yes. i hate how girls say theyre not in style anymore im 17 and i wear them all the time with my flats instead of those stupid little footie things. only thing with knee highs is sometimes they makex my feet stink :x

Why do you have to wear knee pads?

Say you are going for a ball and you have to slide for it ,youwould have to land on your knees there for you need something toprotect them.

Do you wear a knee brace for tendonitis?

Knee braces can help with patella tendonitis or Ilitibail Band syndrome (ITBS) If its patella tendonitis you have (inflammation of the tendon just below the kneecap) then a single patella strap can work really well. It puts pressure through the tendon and supports the kneecap which reduces the forc ( Full Answer )

What do the kids wear?

Girls wear shorts jeans shirts and dresses and skirts lots of stuff boys wear jeans shorts and shirts etc. That's what most kids wear.

Can you wear a flowy skirt with knee high boots?

Yes definetly! If your worried about what other people might think or thinking about that your most fashionable bestie said to never wear a flowy skirt with knee-high boots forget it! You can most defienetly wear it! They go great together but make sure the skirt is not too long so that it covers th ( Full Answer )

Why do Muslims wear knee length pajamas?

This depends on the specific country cultures and traditions. The requirement per religion is that: . For men, the clothing should cover, at least, from naval to knees and should not be from silk or containing gold items. . For women, the clothing should cover the whole body except face and hands, ( Full Answer )

Does soccer players wear knee high socks?

Yes! All players need to wear their socks to go over their shinpads which pushes the height of the socks up to around the knee. Some players even wear extra long socks to cover the knee.

What can I wear with knee high converses in the winter?

you could wear some thick leggins that would keep u warm, and a long shirt with a lacket, or instead of the shirt and jacket, wear the leggins with a tutu cool Avril lavigne type skirt with a tight shirt and a cute jacket, maybe leather or with studs or something. i hope this helped XD

What shoes do you where with knee high socks?

You could wear flats, ankle high boots, other tall boots, converse sneakers, and even heels without having the thin pointy heel because then it looks sluty. I love wearing knee high socks and more people should embrace the new style!

Should boys wear knee socks?

There's no reason why not. When a man's pant leg rises, it looks smarter and more finished if you can't see the tops of his socks.

What can you wear with knee high socks?

Personally I think that people shy away from knee high socks just cos people don't often wear them, so your just trying to blend in. But I think you should just go with it. If you wear them with a smile and confidence, you can't go wrong. But please don't just wear a smile with knee high socks cos y ( Full Answer )

What can you wear with striped knee-high socks?

Well, firstly, it depends what colours they are. If they're quite bright, I'd go all out and mix and match patterns in the outfit. But if they're dark, I'd keep it to the same sort of colours. Of course, it all depends on your style. I'd wear a skirt, as I really don't think any kind of trousers go ( Full Answer )

What is knee high socks for?

Knee highs keep your feet to knees warm during running or sports. Baseball players often wear knee high socks.

What are the benefits of wearing knee warmers?

Knee warmers are garments worn over the knee, usually by cyclists, to protect the knees from the cold and wind when cycling. One of the benefits, aside from keeping the knees warm, is that they are simple and easy to put on and remove which means that they can be easily taken off should the rider be ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase knee highs?

Knee Highs can most commonly be purchased at large and small retail stores in the clothing section. Also many pharmacies and drug stores often carry them as well. For the best selection, check you local department store.

What occasion would a man wear knee high boots?

Jousting, Peter Pan convention, horseback riding, mucking stalls,rattlesnake wrangling, trout fishing in a shallow stream,commercial fishing, cleaning the killing floor at a meat processingplant, any farm work, shovelling snow, HAZMAT operations.