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What do younger girls like about older boys?


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they are more responsible then younger boys and they might have their licences so they can take u places.

Becasue older guys know how to do things that younger boys don't and girls grow up fster then boys and that's why they want a older boy!


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Only older boys like younger girls. But. . .YOUNG boys lke older girls. . .trust me I know that because all the boys in my class in middle school like older girls cuz they think there hotter.

it depends on the guy your talking about. some might like older girls and some might like younger.

Older ones, moreso, younger boys not so much.

Girls mature faster physically and mentally, so an older boy and a younger girl are on the page. Some guys like younger girls because they can take advantage of them.

He Likes Girls His Age Not Older Or Younger

Younger boys may not be as physically developed as peers your own age, but they definitely aren't as physically "needy" like most older guys.

YES!!!!!! (in a girls point of view) They would luv it if you were interested in them. Girls are always checking out older boys. She would be flattered if you like her.

they like younger girls approzamatly 6 years cuz there perverts

well most of the time younger boys like it but a little older no

Yes; they often see them as mother figures; either in favor of, or opposing to, their own mothers.

in my experience younger girls like older guys because the guys are more experienced and they know how to keep the relationship going

Because teenage girls like older boys. Because they think that they can get into girls pants easier. Well, really teenage females feel older boys know more about the female anatomy than perhaps guys their own age, and they also see it as a thrill just like boys would say if their girlfriend were older. Wouldn't you brag about it? I would. And the fact is that most teenage boys don't feel like older girls are as sexually attracted to them as younger girls are. Perhaps older girls have a way of hiding their feelings about younger guys because they feel they would be an out case in their peer group. It's all about trying new things, you know? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Girl's Answer: Because the guys probly know by now that girls like mature guys and so they'll pick older ones faster than their age or younger. Basically, the girl is more likely to say yes to the guy if he's older. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Girls like the feeling of being with an older guy. Girls tend to go for older guys because most guys are too immature for girls if they are the same age. The only bad thing girls get out of it, is that they try to be cool and get into sexual things at a young age.

I guess he would like a girl older or younger it depends if love comes through.

It could be you look or behave younger than you are. However it's not unusual in general for girls to like guys who are older, so if younger girls like you more than older ones that doesn't really have to mean anything.

yes, it's perfectly normal for girls like older boys especially 2 years and up. Girls mature 2 years faster than boys, so therefore girls that are dating boys older are maturity the same age.

not true,boys like girls even if they are older

not really, boys do not like little kids

She likes older men in their 30's.

No we normally like older men but not by much.

Depends on the guy and age, younger tomboy more likely, older; girly-girl (IMO)

Girls like older guys because they feel more mature, because boys in their teens tend to be less mature than girls, that being the girls want more maturity out of them so they go for the older ones. all girls have thought about dating older boys. its just how they grow up. and also becaouse older man have car and girls like that because the guy is able to move them around

Bryan Breeding likes yonger girls!

Girls mature faster than boys, so i guess that boys will tend to date younger girls as they are of the same maturity. This may be different though if people begin dating when they are older.also a girl may like to be in a relationship man to make them feel like a woman.

Its just like why some girls like girls. Usually this issue goes back to an emotional problem the person faced when they were younger.

Sometimes, but most girls like males near their own age. If they like older males, it may be that they are intrigued by their experience.

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