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Sulci is plural for a groove or fissure. A diaphragm is a muscle under the lungs that helps with berating. The statement, the diaphragm and sulci are intact, means that they are not damaged.

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Q: What does 'the diaphragm and sulci are intact' mean on a medical report?
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What does hemidiaphragm and sulci intact indicates?

there is hyperinflation of the lung fields as evidence by the flattened hemidiaphragm and increase in resosternal air trapping

What is the medical term meaning cerebal cortex folds?

Sulci (singular sulcus) are the folds of the cerebral cortex.

What is the medical term for the twisting and folding of the human brain?

The infoldings of the brain are the sulci, and the outward foldings are the gyri.

When did Battle of Sulci happen?

Battle of Sulci happened in -258.

What is the plurals form of sulcus?

Sulci is the plural of sulcus

What this mean Suspicious right apical densities suggest alveolar heart size normal sulci intact?

You're missing some words in you transcription, so a meaning can't be determined.

What are the folds in the cerebral cortex called?

Actually, they are called sulci.

What are the shallow grooves of the brain called?

Sulci. The elevations are called Gyri. Each of sulci and gyri have their own names.

What are sulci?

it is the surronding of th brain

What is the correct spelling of the medical term fisure?

A fissure is a opening, sometimes normal (as in the sulci between separate parts of the brain) and sometime abnormal (a lesion or ulcer in an organ).

What does effacement of sulci mean?

As the ventricles enlarge with CSF under pressure, the brain is squeezed with the result that the gyri come together…emptying the subarachnoid spaces (sulci) of CSF. Refers to condition of not being able to visualize sulci on CT.

Does learning change brain sulci?

No, not at all.

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