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What does 'ASL' stand for?

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ASL is the abbreviation for American Sign Language, a type of sign language used in the United States to help deaf and hard-of-hearing persons communicate. It is based on French Sign Language. It is not the same thing as "signed English" and requires a specialized degree (SLI- Sign Language Interpreter) in order to be certified to translate. ASL is fun to learn and easy to teach to young infants (approx 10 months and up), whether deaf or hearing, and can help ease frustrations while the child is learning to communicate.

alternate meanings:

For internet usage, "asl" stands for "age, sex (gender), location".

Commonly used in creepy chat rooms. Typically, it is answered like this "19/m/USA"

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Which countries don't use ASL?

ASL stands for "American" Sign Language, so, it stand to reason that all other countries use their own forms.

What does asl stand for in computer terms?

a=age s=sex(gender) l=location

How do you say do in Asl?

How do you say "do" in ASL

Is there a nother ASL video on Netflix?

There are many ASL videos. There are two or three ASL on Netflix.

What does asl mean on msn?

asl = age/sex/location

What is the ASL in twilight the movie?

ASL stands for American Sign Language.

How do you say 'because' in asl?

Answer from Summershorti:I take ASL classes, and I don't think there is a "because" in ASL language. You know, in ASL the language is different so there are variations.In ASL, the term 'because' is the exact same as the sign for 'why'. In ASL, a lot of statements are said by asking questionsExample: My name is Daniel"MY-NAME-WHAT-D-A-N-I-E-L"

Is ASL part of a foreign language?

ASL stands for American Sign Language. ASL is used in the United States. The only other country that uses ASL is Canada and it is only used by English speaking residents.

What does chat speak 'asl' mean?

ages , sex and location

What does the medical abbreviation ASL mean?

The abbreviation of asl Is American Sign Language

What is the basic structure of an ASL sentence?

ASL uses English for its sentax and word clues.

What are the release dates for Asl - 2014?

Asl - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

What has the author Leyla Tahouri Asl written?

Leyla Tahouri Asl has written: 'ELFORSPOT'

When was Aidin Khataei-Asl born?

Aidin Khataei-Asl was born in 1984.

How much do asl books cost you?

A band new ASL book should not cost no more than 50 dollars. You can get used ASL books are 20 dollars.

Can you be fluent in ASL?

Yes, ASL is considered a language just like English, Spanish or French.

Which language is harder to learn Japanese ASL or Spanish?

I took ASL and I found it way easier than learning any language so in my opinion it would be Japanese ASL.

Why don't deaf people use asl with hearing people?

They do; if the hearing person knows ASL. If the hearing person does not know ASL, it really wouldn't make any sense for them to do so.

Where can you find ASL?

ASL (American Sign Language): You can find some links below in the related links.

Asl sing time?

Many schools like to do ASL singing time. This helps them know music.

When was Amir Khalifeh-Asl born?

Amir Khalifeh-Asl was born on 1979-06-05.

Where can you find an online American Sign Language translator?

I am not aware of a program that can interpret English text to ASL. There are programs that change the English word into an ASL sign but this is not ASL: what you get is series of signs in English word order, which is not ASL. ASL is not based on English grammar, structure; it has it's own grammar and structure. If you look at certain websites you can see how certain common phrases are signed.

What does ASL stand for on

It's an acronym for "age, sex (male/female), and location," though it's fun to send them a link to an American Sign Language poster.

What are the 5 registers within ASL?

The 5 different registers in ASL are: Frozen Formal Informal Consultative Intimate

What is the average salary for ASL interpreters?

The Average ASL interpreter would earn around 80,000 to 110,000 USD a year