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Black Irish is a dark person of Irish or mixed-Irish descent, a term used chiefly in the United States.

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Q: What does 'Black Irish' mean?
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What does black Irish mean?

Irish people have differing pigmentation and hair color. "Black Irish" just means Irish with black (or very dark brown) hair.

What does dubh-poll mean in Irish Gaelic?

"black hole"? Irish is "poll dubh".

What does clรกr dubh mean in Irish?

a black board

What does the name Kerry mean?

Kerry (Irish and Gaelic) is "black".

What does kieren mean?

It means dark or black, primarily black. It is variant of Kieran, which is Irish, and gaelic.

What does the Irish word dubh mean?

the word dubh means "black"

What does it mean to call someone a black irsh man?

I think you may mean Black Irish and I found the answer in Wikipedia: Black Irish is a traditional term that is commonly used among Irish American communities to describe a dark brown/black hair phenotype appearing in Caucasian people of Irish descent. This can be distinguished in contrast to the (lighter) brown, blond or red hair color variant, the latter stereotypically perceived to personify the look of typical Irish folk

What does kyra mean in Irish?

The name Keira, Kyra, is Ciara (keera) in Irish and means 'dark or black'.

What do you call black Irish people?


What is the nationality of black Irish?

If born in Ireland and Irish citizen, then Irish.

What does green and black nautical stars mean?

Green and black Nautical star tattoos to my knowledge are a symbol for Irish strength and diversity

What does the name ciaran mean?

The name Ciaran is of Gaelic orgin, and it mean "black" or "little dark one". It is an Irish name.

Doyle mean as a first name?

The name Doyle is of Irish origin and means 'Black Stranger'.

What does Ciara the name mean?

Ciara (Keer-a)is an Irish/Gaelic female name, meaning black.

What does will mean in Irish?

'Will' is not an Irish word and has no meaning in Irish.

What does Kayla mean in Irish?

Kayla doesn't mean anything it Irish; it's not an Irish word.

What does Sarah mean in Irish?

Sarah doesn't mean anything in Irish: it's not an Irish word.

What does nichola mean in Irish?

It doesn't mean anything in Irish.

When was Aaron Black - Irish footballer - born?

Aaron Black - Irish footballer - was born on 1983-12-19.

What does jamie-rian mean in Irish?

It doesn't mean anything in Irish.

What does the Irish word konyak mean in English mean?

If you mean the Irish (Gaelic) it is not in that language. Irish has neither 'k' nor 'y' in its alphabet.

What does Nichole mean in Irish?

It doesn't mean anything in Irish: it's not an Irish name. I believe it's French.

What does isabelle mean in Irish?

"Isabelle" doesn't mean anything in Irish, but the Irish version of the name is Sibéal (shibael).

What does eme mean in Irish?

"eme" doesn't mean anything in Irish. It doesn't look like an Irish word.

What are the ratings and certificates for Black Irish - 2007?

Black Irish - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R