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What does 'Moro' mean?

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Moro is the name of an ethnic group. They belong to Philippines and almost 5 per cent of the population is made up of Moros as per the 2005 population census.

all of the Filipino Muslims are Moro, when the Spaniards came to Philippines, they named the Muslims as Moro, the Chavacano called the Muslims, Moro

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What does the greek Moro mean?

it means "baby"

What is komedya or moro-moro?

ang komedya o moro moro ay isang dulang hindi ko alam

What does saga po para poli moro mean?

s'agapo para poli moro "I love you so much baby" in greek

Halimbawa ng moro-moro?

.. unsa d.i?? haha s.h.u.n.g.a esbing>>>

What does yap key ago sagapo moro mou mean in greek?

Not sure what you are getting at with the first part, but "sagapo moro mou" means "I love you my baby."

What are the Example of moro moro?

amvot ninyo

Halimbawa ng moro moro play?

nagtatanong lang namn sa inyo ayw nyo pang sagutin ng maayosmoro moro

What does eu moro em aracaju mean in spanish?

Vivo en "Aracaju"

Is moro-moro is an example of zarzuela?

MORO-MORO is a comedy that pictures the christians and Muslims fighting. It is called a zarzuela because has both spoken lines and songs.

What words start with the prefix of 'moro'?

moron, moronism

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