What does 'My love's more richer than my tongue' mean?

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It's a quote from Shakespeare's play King Lear..when Cordelia is trying to decide how to express how much she loves her father.
The quote itself implies that the speaker's love can not be expressed in words because their love is so valuable that no words can give it justice.
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The line "Love's not Time's fool" is from Shakespeare's sonnet #116. The meaning of the quotation hinges on the meaning of the word "fool". This word had a number of meanings to Shakespeare including a stupid person, a professional jester or comic and a child. The meaning here is the same as in the ( Full Answer )

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Type your answer here... i think russia is richer thank brazil bit time of cause of natural gas

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India is richer than ghana or ghana is richer than india. No Ghana is not richer than Ghana

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um... selena gomez is because she is working evert day like seriuly demi the only new song i heatd from her is skyscrpers and thats like 2 mothes old and like that is not earning money so selena gomez does

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Getting your bellybutton pierced will hurt right as you're getting it done, and will be a little sore for a few days. You shouldn't feel any pain when you get your tongue pierced, but it will hurt and be swollen after.

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A post code in London has the most expensive properties in the UKand a post code in Aberdeen has the second most expensiveproperties in the UK. However there are many not so rich areas ofLondon.

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