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Andros-Man, Roid-like or similar- an artificial human-like creature as distinct from a robot which has metallic skin and is often only vaguely human-like like those in Star Wars or Lost In Space. Androids could (blend in) with humans and if used by ( who is to say they are not) by an intelligence agency-well they could have serious possibilities. androids, like UFOs are pretty much an ( Above Eyes Only) topic, at least officially, Science Fiction novels- some really good have been done on the theme. By the way the word is derived from two Greek words, andros and the roid suffix.

It could also mean Google's mobile operating system, which is named Android.

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Q: What does 'android' mean?
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What do you mean by android in a mobile phone?

it is an android

What do Android icons mean?

Android icons is nothing but a logo that is used to identify that this device posses an Android OS.

What does android mean for cell phone?

Android is a Linux based OS for smartphones

What does android mean to computers?

Presently, Android doesn't means anything to computers Android is a smartphone thing but experiments are going in making Android OS available for Computers too. So in near future they may mean something to computers but currently its a Smartphone thing !

What is the difference between Android and Android OS?

Well, if you are talking in context with operating system available for mobile devices then both of them are same, " Android and Android OS" .It depends on the context but if you're talking about Android broadly, you could mean devices that use the Android OS software.

What mean by Android phone?

Android is an operating system for mobile phones by Google. You can check it in google android page. Or find it in my link

What is anroid software?

I think you mean Android :) Android is google's platform/OS for mobile devices.

What do you mean by Android phone?

I understand that it is a smartphone whose Linux-based operating system is the Google's Android.

What does it mean to root your phone what does it mean when I root my android?

In Android, rooting your phone means getting root access and overcoming limitations by altering apps and settings.

What Yu-Gi-Oh pack do you get psychic android in?

if you mean magical android its in The Duelist Genesis

How can you get a flash for your xperia x10 phone?

If you mean flashlight, then search flashlight in Android Market. If you mean flash player, you need Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

What does sync mean on a android?

Spell check

What is andriot?

I assume you mean Android? Android is an operating system much like ios for Apple and windows for windows devices. Android is the most open source OS out if the above mentioned Operating Systems :)

Is it safe to buy apps on the android market?

Yes um i mean i don't have an android but it should be uh ha ha ha hm

Does curling date android 17 in Dragon Ball Z?

By curling I take it you mean Krillin ? Well to answer your question, no Krillin does not date Android 17, he dates android 18. 17 was the boy android, 18 was the blonde girl android he had a crush on. He eventually marries her and they have a child, a little girl named Marron.

Is andromo approved by android creators?

It depends on what you mean. The Apps that you create with Andromo are fully compatible with the vast majority of Android devices and can and have been uploaded to the Android Market. Android is an open platform and making use of it in the way that Andromo is doing, is championed and often celebrated.

What does android feature in mobiles mean?

This is one type of processor.

What does it mean to reboot an android system?

Turn it completely of and then back on

What does it m mean when I get a message on my tablet that the android process has stopped working?

When you get a message on your tablet that the Android process has stopped working, it means that the process has crushed.

Can android apps be installed to smart phones?

Android phones are a category of smart phones, so the question doesn't make sense. If you mean to ask whether android apps can be installed on non-android phones, then the answer is no (or it is not feasible to do so), but oftentimes the same app is available for various operating systems.

What does Android pmp mean?

Starting off pmp means portable media player. I guess you all ready know what a android is but if you don't it is operating system.

What does 3G mean on Android phones?

3G means third generation

What does android 2.2 mean for a phone?

Android 2.2, or Froyo (short for frozen yogurt), is the sixth major consumer release of the Android mobile OS. ... Froyo, first released on the Nexus One, includes various improvements over previous versions - from new home screen widgets to more efficient data communication and transfer applications.

What happened to silence alarm before it goes off on android lollipop?

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Does nook color have android I watched a couple videos on youtube and they say it runs on android So does it means it has android like i can download apps on it or does it mean something else?

While the Nook does run Android, as yet Barnes & Noble has not enabled third-party applications on the device (either from Android Marketplace or from a B&N app store). There has been some speculation that the device will transition into a full-featured tablet in 2011, with greater flexibility to run apps, but few expect it to allow all Android apps (such as an Android version of Amazon's Kindle Reader).