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Apex or advance purchase fares are special fares valid on economy class on specified sectors. They are much lower than the normal fares.

You must purchase your ticket at least 15 days prior to the departure of the flight to qualify for the apex fares.

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Where are the headquarters of Kulula Airlines?

The headquarters of Kulula Airlines is Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, in South Africa. Kulula Airlines is a low-fare airline that uses domestic routes.

What is the fare of pia airlines from kathmandu to doha for one way?

What is the fare of pia airlines from kathmandu to doha for one way?

What is the dollar value of a free airline ticket?

Depends, most free domestic have to be booked in a particular fare class. Lower the fare class for the airlines the lower the dollar amount. Usually 300 to 500 dollars. International vouchers can be worth 800 to 2000. Former Customer Care Northwest Airlines

What is soto fare?

Fare for journey originating outside India is known as SOTO Fare

What is the Saudi Arabian Airlines fare from Riyadh to Hyedrabad?

There are many fare classes, buy early to pay less.

How much ticket fare in seventh odi India Australia?

How much ticket fare in 7th odi india australia?

What is the fare for flight from India to mauritius one way trip?

A random search for flights from Mumbai (BOM) to Mauritius (MRU) on 11 Sep 2009, Fri shows that the cheapest Economy Class fare is Rs 36,074 by Air India or Air Mauritius. Fares may vary with departure days/dates/airlines.

What airlines offer cheap tickets on flights to India?

Cheap Flights, Fare Compare, and Yatra offer cheap flights to India from several different US airports. You also can check MakeMyTrip which specializes in last minute deals

What are discount fare sites for american west airlines?

A discount fare site for American west airlines is hot wire. Hot wire is an traveling site which offer discounts by offing customers low prices for unused bookings.

Do airlines charge air fare for minors that is less then two years?

Yes on international flights 10% of adult fare is charged for the minors in lap.

How much fare for Malaysian senior citizens travelling in Malaysia by Malaysian Airlines?

A MH Special Senior Citizen fare is provided for Malaysians, age 55 and up. There is a 50% discount on full economy fare, not including tax and fuel surcharge. Tickets must be purchased at the Malaysian Airlines ticket office.

Current rate of service tax on domestic air ticket?

.6% of Base fare in domestic Sector and 1.2 % for Inter national Sector

Where can one purchase flight tickets from Delta Airlines?

There are a number of websites that enable one to purchase flight tickets for Delta Airlines. These sites include the official Delta Airlines website, Expedia, Fare Compare and Orbitz.

What is the air fare form multan Pakistan to Karachi Pakistan?

Only Pakistan International Airlines operates from Multan to Karachi. Air fare varies from time to time. Average air fare from Karachi to Multan is 11000 Pakistani Rupees.

What does 'Fare Type First' mean on United Airlines tickets?

It would generally mean 'First Class' - the premium (ie, expensive) class on most airlines.

What airlines are not on expedia travelocity orbitz etc?

Southwest Airlines is the only major US carrier that does not sydicate its fares to fare search sites like Expedia, Travelocity, or Orbitz.

What is Super Saver Fare?

It's kinda like priceline or whatever but instead of hotels they work with airlines to book unsold tickets at lower costs.

Does South African Airlines travel to Canada?

South African Airlines does travel to Canada. Fly SSA has tons of information and there are special fare to the US and canada. Fees and rates do apply.

Why is Indian air fare so expensive?

Indian air fare is more expensive due to there being fewer airline options. With fewer airlines in operation the fares are not as competitive and tend to be pricey.

If you have already purchased your airfare ticket and the price goes down will the airline change your ticket to the lower fare?

some airlines offer guaranteed fare rules where if your purchased ticket is higher than the lower current fare they make an adjustment....you may want to check into this.

Why is a discounted airline fare a price discrimination that can be offered?

because vacationers are willing to put up with the restrictions that the airlines impose.

Air India fare from Delhi to New York in economy class?

Fares vary with departure days / dates. Assuming you are flying out of DEL on Sun 01 Mar 2009 the 1-way Economy fare, incl. taxes and fees to NYC is: Air India Rs 35,543 21hr 30min Jet Airways Rs 34,578 27hr 40min Aerosvit Airlines Rs 26,019 21hr 10min (via Kiev, Ukraine)

How do you open McDonald in India?

That won't happen since beef is their primary fare.

Economy air fare in air India flight from riyadh to thiruvananthapuram?

Air India Flight 928 on January 4, 2008 departs Riyadh at 4:50am and arrives at Thiruvanathapuram at 12:00noon. As per the Air India website, the restrictive economy fare (fare class K), including tax, is 1056 Saudi Riyals, or about US$284.47, one way.

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