What does 'ay Dios mio' mean in English?

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"Oh my God."
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What is 'mio' when translated from Italian to English?

" My " is an Englishequivalent of the Italian word mio . Specifically, the word functions asan adjective in its masculine singular form. It usually goes beforethe noun that it modifies. But it will follow when the speakerseeks to emphasize the "my-ness" of whatever or whomever is beingreferenced ( Full Answer )

In Japanese language what does Mio mean?

Mio means "Beautiful, cherry blossom. Thread". 美 (mi), Meaning "beautiful" is combined with 桜 (ou), meaning "cherry blossom", or 緒 (o) meaning "thread". Information from: http://www.behindthename.com/name/mio

What does 'dio' mean?

"Dió" is the Spanish word for "he (or she) gave". It is pronounced "dee-OH". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answers.com/library/Translations

What does San Dios mean in English?

\nSANDIOS is short for 'San Diego Online Society', a San Diego non-profit organization that provides offline crowdsourcing for San Diego executives in Software, Internet and Telecommunication. The official website is located at www.sandios.com

What does ay amor you duela tanto mean in English?

Ay could mean wow in Spanish or the English I; amor means love in Spanish; you is you in English; duela is you hurt in Spanish; tanto is so much . Probably, I love you but you hurt so much in Spanglish.. Answer . I think maybe it's "I love you so much it hurts."

What does via con dios from spanish to English mean?

The correct spelling is; "Valla Con Dios". It means Go with God.. Valla- Go. Con - with. Dios- God. It's very popular when people are saying good bye, sort of like a blessing. You wish the other person luck in their journey

What does Gloria Dios mean in English?

"Gloria a Dios" means "glory to God". It is pronounced "GLOR-ee-ah ah Dee-OSE". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What is 'il mio amore' in English?

My love is an English equivalent of 'il mio amore'. In the word by word translation, the masculine definite article 'il' means 'the'. The masculine possessive 'mio' means 'my'. The masculine gender noun 'amore' means 'love'. The phrase is pronounced 'eel MEE-oh ah-MOH-ray'.

What does amorcito mio mean?

Literally translated it means "my love", but it's more loosely used in Spanish to mean "Sweety or Babe', but in an affectionate manner.

What is the Italian 'mio caro' in English?

'My dear' is an English equivalent of 'mio caro'. The masculine possessive adjective 'mio' means 'my'. The masculine noun 'caro' means 'beloved, dear'. Together, they're pronounced 'MEE-oh KAH-roh'.

What is 'mio caro' in English?

My dear is an English equivalent of 'mio caro'. In the word by word translation, the possessive 'mio' means 'my'. The masculine adjective 'caro' means 'dear, beloved'. For a female, the Italian equivalents would be 'mia cara'. The phrase is pronounced 'MEE-oh KAH-roh'.

What is 'Dio' in English?

God is an English equivalent of 'Dio'. It's a masculine gender noun that takes as its definite article 'il' ['the'] and as its indefinite article 'uno' ['a, one']. It's pronounced 'DEE-oh'.

What does ay ay ay mean in english?

It depends on the tone of voice,if its in a hurtful voice something is hurting and you have to help. A single 'ay!' is equivalent to English 'alas!'.

What is the Italian 'mio' in English?

My is an English equivalent of 'mio' in the word's use as an adjective. It's pronounced 'MEE-oh'. It's the masculine form of the adjective. The feminine form 'mia' is pronounced 'MEE-ah'. Mine is an equivalent in the word's use as a noun. For example, 'il mio' means 'mine'. The masculine ( Full Answer )

What does amore mio mean in italian?

actually you mean in english. thats the italian name. it means my love. -by the way please send a message on my board cuz i just joined.

What does Como son la gente dios mio mean?

"What are the people like. Oh, God" is the literal translation. This though is used more as a way of saying "What are the people coming to".

What does ay bendito mean in English?

Bendito means blessed. But it can be said in different ways. If I see a lady with her new born baby I can say "Ay bendito" like "aww god blessed". Or I can see some one hurt and tell them "Ay bendito" and it can be used as "aww poor baby" Hope that helped.

English lyrics of Pace Pace Mio Dio?

Peace, peace, O God! She comes down. Cruel misfortune compels me, alas, to languish; my suffering has lasted for so many years, as profound as on the first day. Peace, peace, O God! I loved him, it is true! But God had blessed him with such beauty and courage that I love him still, ( Full Answer )

What does Si fuero mio mean in English?

"Si fuero mío" is incoherent. You likely meant "Si fuera mío", which means "If it were mine". "Si fuero mío" literally means "If charter mine"

What does affezionato mio famiglia mean?

'My loving family' is one English equivalent of 'affezionata [la] mia famiglia'. The definite article 'la' ['the'] often is dropped in conversational or poetic Italian. The phrase is pronounced 'ah-FEH-tsoh-NAH-tah [lah] MEE-ah fah-MEE-lyah'.

If an aye aye points at you does it mean you will die?

1st answer well people say so but i don't believe it myself but you must decide if you believe it or not. Oh and by the way its only its middle finger. That is why they are endangered because they think they bring bad luck and death some people say that its an evil demon but they are quite nice re ( Full Answer )

What is the Italian 'Giorgio mio' in English?

'My George' is an English equivalent of 'Giorgo mio'. The masculine name 'Giorgio' means 'George'. The masculine possessive adjective 'mio' means 'my'. Together, they're pronounced 'DJOHR-djyoh MEE-oh'.

What is the meaning of the English word 'ayes'?

"Affirmatives," "yes votes," and "yesses" are equivalents of the English word "ayes." The word in question may serve as an interjection whereby a speaker says "all yesses" to someone or something or as a noun which references vote-entering and tallying such as in a legislature. The pronunciation wil ( Full Answer )

What does come si chiama il mio cagnolino mean in English?

" What is my puppy's name ?" is an English equivalent of " Come si chiama il mio cagnolino ?" Specifically, the adverb " come " means "how." The reflexive pronoun " si " means "herself, himself, itself, oneself, yourself." The verb " chiama " means (he/she/it/one) is called/named, (you) are calle ( Full Answer )

What does los dios de verde mean in English?

"Los dios de verde" translates to "The gods of green." In the case of the Green Day poster, the band might have mixed up "los dios" (gods) with "la dia" (day). FIRST!

What does Ay you dices Ke tal mean in english?

"Ay" = Ay! [yo! OR hey!] "dices" = dices [you speak; "Ay YOU dices..." appears to be Spanglish, with the English "you" in place of the Spanish "tú."] "ke tal" = ¿Qué tal? [what's up? OR How's it going?] Proper Spanish would be: ¡Ay! ¿Tú dices? ¿Qué tal? English: Hey! You s ( Full Answer )

What is 'O Dio mio' when translated from Italian to English?

" Oh my God! " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase O Dio mio! Specifically, the interjection o means "oh." The masculine noun Dio means "god." The masculine possessive adjective mio means "my." The pronunciation is "oh DEE-oh MEE-oh."

What does donde es Mio in English?

Questions in Spanish beginning with Dónde use a conjugation of estar , not ser. The correct form of the question is ¿ Dónde está el mío? It means. Where is mine?

What does this mean in English ay dios mio yo el amor qué tu dicho?

¡Dios santísimo! ¡Cuán difícil se las han de ver los que enseñan castellano en descifrar menudos enredijos! Ay dios mio = Oh my god (OMG?) yo = I el amor = (the) love que (with accent) = What? 'tu (has) dicho = you said. It could be an illiterate, literal translation ( Full Answer )

What does si es mio mean?

With an accent over the first 'i', and a comma after, it means: 'Yes, you are//he/it is mine' Without the accent and comma, it means: 'If you are//he/it is mine'.

What is the meaning of vaya con dios?

'Vaya con dios' is a way of saying goodbye but it literally means 'go with God'. It was actually also the album title and the name of the group who composed it that was released in 1988.

What is the meaning of O Sole Mio?

O sole mio is an Italian phrase which when translated into English means my sunshine. There is a popular Italian song, O Sole Mio, which has been covered by artists such as Tony Bennett and Luciano Pavarotti.

What does a dios le pido mean in English?

"Dios le pido" means "One who asks God" in English. Someone who asks God is someone that speaks to the Lord and either thanks God for something or asks for something (prayer).

What does Quien como Dios mean in English?

Who like God? In Spanish it is a question, not a statment. But adefying question, so as in "You show me someone greater than God,if you can". Obviously, it refers to the Christian God, father ofJesus the Christ, and implies that there is no one like Him. It isthe warcry of Saint Michael, the Sword o ( Full Answer )