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A "bisl" means "a little."

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Q: What does 'bisl' mean in Yiddish?
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What does 'Redstu Yiddish' mean?

Redstu Yiddish = You speak YiddishIt can also be written "Redst du Yiddish"

What does yiddish mean?

Yiddish refers to a language based loosely on German that was spoken by Jews in Central and Eastern Europe. Yiddish is the Yiddish word for "Jewish".

What does the Yiddish slang word goya mean?

It is the Yiddish word for a woman who is not Jewish. It is slang in English, but it is not slang in Yiddish.

What is a Yiddish word for hello?

Just as in Hebrew, in Yiddish Shalom can mean "peace," but depending on the context, it can also mean hello or goodbye.

What does the Yiddish word bling mean?

Bling is not a Yiddish word or a Hebrew word.

What does congratulations mean in yiddish?

The Yiddish word for congratulations is Mazeltov.(pronounced MUZZLE-TOF)

What does the yiddish word spinoza mean?

Spinoza is not a Yiddish word. It appears to be a Spanish name.

What does morgan mean in yiddish?

It's not clear whether you mean the name "Morgan" or the Yiddish word "MOR-gen". Assuming the latter, the Yiddish "MOR-gen" means "tomorrow", straight from the German.

What does emiss mean in yiddish?


What does mechutonim mean in yiddish?


What does yance mean in yiddish?


What does zeissen mean in yiddish?


What does Schneller mean in yiddish?


What does gottenyu mean in yiddish?

It means "Dear God!" in english, and i think it means the same in Yiddish.

What does Tzhana mean in Hebrew and Yiddish?

There is no such language as Jewish. You probably mean either Hebrew, Ladino, or Yiddish, but this word doesn't exist in any of these languages.

How do you write bubba in Hebrew?

If you mean the Yiddish word, Bubbe, it retains its Yiddish spelling when written in Hebrew: בובע

What does shayna maidel mean in English?

It means "pretty girl" in Yiddish

What does mashoogina mean?

I believe it is Yiddish for crazy.

What does yiddish word pomerantsen mean?


What is the yiddish word emess mean?


What does madel mean in Yiddish?

It means girl.

What does the word mean fMISHED?

It is Yiddish for confused.

What does the yiddish word hundel mean?

To haggle.

What does the Yiddish word garuss mean?

go out

What does the Yiddish word shul mean?