What does 'bisl' mean in Yiddish?


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A "bisl" means "a little."

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Yiddish refers to a language based loosely on German that was spoken by Jews in Central and Eastern Europe. Yiddish is the Yiddish word for "Jewish".

It is the Yiddish word for a woman who is not Jewish. It is slang in English, but it is not slang in Yiddish.

Haida is not a Yiddish word or a Hebrew word.

Bling is not a Yiddish word or a Hebrew word.

The Yiddish word for congratulations is Mazeltov.(pronounced MUZZLE-TOF)

Spinoza is not a Yiddish word. It appears to be a Spanish name.

It's not clear whether you mean the name "Morgan" or the Yiddish word "MOR-gen". Assuming the latter, the Yiddish "MOR-gen" means "tomorrow", straight from the German.

No shalom plane is not used in yiddish. In yiddish hello would be shulem aleichem.

It means "Dear God!" in english, and i think it means the same in Yiddish.

Hebrew:tzachana (צַחֲנָה) = stenchNot used in Yiddish.

If you mean the Yiddish word, Bubbe, it retains its Yiddish spelling when written in Hebrew: בובע

I believe it is Yiddish for crazy.

It is Yiddish for confused.

"Pretty" or "Beautiful". By way of Yiddish, it comes from the German "schon" (with an umlaut), which has the same meaning.

Providing something for someone! It's hard to find yiddish stuff online!

That's the form in which the Hebrew "gahn-AHV" was adopted into Yiddish. It means 'thief'.

It basically means rag.

Lena is a variation of Helen, which is a Greek name. It has no meaning in Yiddish, although it is a common Jewish name.

In German potato pancakes are called Kartoffelpuffer, but they may have a different name in Yiddish.If you are asking how to say potato pancakes in yiddish- they would be called latkes.

I think you mean "Shayna", which means beautiful, or pretty

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