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When you block someone on Twitter, they are no longer able to

  1. follow you (they will be removed from your followers list if they are currently following you. If they try to follow you, it won't work, though no error message will appear).
  2. read your tweets on their timeline.

They will not be notified that you have blocked them. A person may notice that your tweets are no longer showing up on their timeline.

Blocking has NO affect on the person's ability to:
  1. Read your timeline on your profile page
  2. Reply to a tweet you've made by mentioning your account with the "@" symbol in front of your account name.
  3. Repost a tweet you have made.
  4. Subscribe to your timeline via an RSS feed
  5. Follow you from another Twitter account the person may own.
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Q: What does 'block' do on Twitter?
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Why do people block you on Twitter?

People block you on Twitter because they don't like you, or they think your to young. I was blocked on Twitter once!

How do you block followers on twitter?

You just click block

Can people tell if you block them on Twitter?


Can you block people in Twitter?

Yes you can block people. Go to their profile and click "block"

What does block do on Twitter?

If you block someone it will prevent them from viewing your profile and tweets.

Does Twitter block the Sign out Option?

No it doesn't.

Someone is following me on twitter and I want to block them. How?

Go to their profile and click "block"

How can you get Aaron Carter to stop following you on twitter?

You can block Aaron Carter on Twitter to stop him from following you.

How do you stop twittering?

block twitter on your computer and on your phone

How can you make someone unfollow you on twitter?

You can block people from following you on Twitter from their profile page. Click on the gear icon on their profile page and select "Block or Report" from the dropdown menu. Select the reason for the block and click, "Block" to confirm.

How old do you have to be for a twitter account?

to have a twitter you must be at least 13 years of age. this is because twitter does not block out bad language and inappropriate pictures.

How do i block your Twitter?

if you want to block someone go to the side of there name click on the second square box and hit block.

If someone blocks you on msn does that block you on facebook and twitter too?


Is Twitter in school?

Schools block social networking websites.

How do you block someone from following you on Twitter?

Go to their profile and click on "block" on the right hand side menu.

How do you block someone so they wont see you twitter mentions?

Go to their profile and click on the "block" button.

How do you look up the people you block on twitter?

There isn't a page that shows you.

Can you restrict who follows you if your twitter account is not protected?

If you're Twitter account isn't protected then anyone can follow you unless you block them.

How do you prevent or stop unwanted people from following me on Twitter?

You can block them by clicking on the "block [username]" link found on users profile pages. Twitter well then show you 2 buttons asking you to confirm that you really mean to block this person from following you.

How do you find out if a Twitter user block you?

Go to their username, try to follow them then at the top of the screen it will tell you that "this twitter user has blocked you from following them.

Why did maynard James keenan block me on twitter?

There's no way for anyone but him to know this.

What does block on Twitter do?

Block on Twitter does several things to the person being blocked. According to the Twitter help center, blocked users can't "add your Twitter account to their lists, have their @replies or mentions show in your mentions tab... follow you, see your profile picture on their profile page or in their timeline". For more information: (See related Link)

Can you block Twitcam comments appearing on your Twitter timeline?

There is no way of blocking Twitcam comments that appear on your Twitter timeline. The only way to stop Twitcam comments would be to unfollow or block the person tweeting the comments.

How do you delete someone else's account off your twitter?

Go to their profile and click "block".

How safe is Twitter?

Not that safe but you can block you post so only people you want can see them -Levisspike