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"pulse of my heart" an Irish language phrase of endearment.

It should be spelled cuisle mo chroí (accute accent on final i).

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Q: What does 'cuisle mo chroi' mean?
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Is 'cuisle mo chroi' used in any Irish song?

Its used in many its a common term of endearment a chuisle mo chroí

What does mo chlann mo chroi mean?

mychildren my heart (Mo chlann, mo chroí.

What does trocaire mo chroi mean?

"trócaire mo chroí" means "mercy of my heart"

How is 'pulse of your heart' said in Irish?

'Pulse of your heart' is cuisle do chroí;'Pulse of my heart' is cuisle mo chroí.

Mo chroi ag leat mo gra?

My heart (mo chroí) by (ag) with you (leat) my love (mo ghrá)

What is the Gaelic for 'You are the pulse of my heart'?

In Irish it's "Is cuisle mo chroí thú"

How do you say my pulse my heart my life in Irish?

"Pulse of my heart" is "Cuisle mo chroí".

What does cuisle mean?

Pulse or heart (in Gaelic).

How do you pronounce go deo i mo chroi in Irish Gaelic?

guh 'joe' imma khree,

What is the English translation for Chuir si gliondar ar mo chroi?

literally "she put joy on my heart" .

How do you say 'Music - the love of my heart' in Irish Gaelic?

Ceoil - Grá mo chroi

How do you pronounce I gconai i mo chroi a mhathair?

The sentence should read "I gcónaí i mo chroí a mháthair"(ih gó-nee muh khree waw-hir)

What does chroi' ata' briste mean?

Heart broken

What is the English translation of Ma bhionn tu liom a stoirin mo chroi?

"Má bhíonn tú liom, a stóirín mo chroí" means "If you're mine, treasure of my heart"

How do you pronounce 'forever in my heart' or i mo chroi go deo in Gaelic?

"i mo chroí go deo" would sound something like "imma khree guh djó" in Irish.

What is Irish word for pulse?


What is the Gaelic word for darling?

A stor, (with a fada on the 'o'), a stoirin (with a fada on the second 'i'), a mhuirnin (with a fada on the last 'i'), a thaisce, a ghra (with a fada on the 'a') geal mo chroi (with a fada on the 'i')

What does channel mean in Irish?

I will assume you meant to say "What is the word channel in Irish?" grinneall (river) cuisle (harbour) caol (narrow water)

How do you say love you in Gaelic?

I have never heard the you but you can say A' stor mo chroi, which means .....darling of my heart. or Mo ru"n which is my secret love. Tha gaol agam ort ... is I love you. It is pronounced ha geul ackum orsht. Hope that helps.

How do you you say vein in Gaelic?

Irish: féith Scottish: fèith; cuisle

What is the Irish Gaelic for sincerely?

O chroi a, (with "fada's" above the first "o" and the "a").

What does mo mean in Tagalog?

English translation of mo: you

What does mo mean in Irish Gaelic?

"mo" means "my"

Latha na mathraichean sona dhut mo mhathair chara mo chroi graim thu?

That's a mixture of two different languages. "Latha na màithraichean sona dhut" is Scottish Gaelic", it's means "Happy mothers day". The rest is Irish. "mo mháthair" means "my mother" "chara" should be "a chara" "a chara mo chroí" means "friend of my heart" "graim thú" is an incorrect translation for "I love you", it should be "tá grá agam duit"

How do you pronounce cushla in Irish?

'Cushla' is a phonetic English spelling of the Irish cuisle, which is roughlypronounced as 'cushla'.