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What does 'fuel system open on computer device' mean?

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I am not sure what your asking, but it sounds like your getting a fuel evaporative system leak. Meaning the system is no longer sealed. Something as simple as corrosion on the fuel tank filler neck rim may be causing it, or the fuel cap gasket may be bad.

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What does f4i on a Honda motorcycle mean?

computer controlled fuel injection system

First known counting device?

what ancient counting system and or device would be considered a computer of that time and where did it orignate? I mean before there was machine or the abacus

When your computer says this device can perform faster when there is no added device what does this mean?

It could be that your computer is referring to itself when it says "this device."

What does it mean when a computer has a integrated device?

It means that it's built in, not an "add on" device.

How do you reinstall computer?

A computer is the physical device, reinstalling is an operation performed on software that is stored on the computer. If you mean reinstalling the operating system for the computer (windows, OSX, linux) , then you should insert the disk for the operating system and then restart the computer and it should guide you through the re-installation process.

What does it mean when the gas cap light comes on a 2007 Chrysler Sebring?

The computer has detected a large fuel system vapor leak. A loose gas cap is a common cause.The computer has detected a large fuel system vapor leak. A loose gas cap is a common cause.

What is the physical equipment in a computer system?

depends on what you mean on computer system

What is the Telugu meaning of computer?

computer is a electronic device it mean many calculation opetator

What are hot pluggable ports?

Hot pluggable ports mean you can connect a device to your computer while your comptuter is still on and the device will work. Sometimes the operating system will do some configuring automatically without your help and make the device work.

What do you MEAN by device drivers?

A device driver gives the operating system the tools to use a specific device.

Operating system not supported on this computer what does this mean?

my computer problem p3 computer 98operating system is not install

What do you mean by digitizer is a input device?

A digitizer feeds information into the computer from the user. That makes it an input device.

What do you mean by input and output device?

An input device is a piece of hardware that you put data into the computer, such as a mouse or keyboard. An output device is something that the computer controls to output data, such as the screen or speakers.

What does IP mean on my camera?

It is a digital form of recording. The camera you have can directly save video to a digital media device such as a flash drive or onto your computer system.

What do you mean by system bus under computer system?

Bus :- Bus is a transmission medium which is used to transfer the data or information from one device to other device. There are three types of bus 1. Address Bus 2. Data Bus 3. Control Bus

What does computer code P0171 on a 98 Chevrolet Silverado mean?

Trouble code P0171 means: Fuel Trim System Lean (Bank 1)

What does not supported exiting mean?

What the message is saying is that the program or device is not supported by your computer and cannot be used so the computer is exiting or quiting out of the trying to use the program or device.

Types of microphones as input device?

Try restating your answer, I'm not sure what you mean. A microphone can be an input device when you plug it into a computer...

What do you mean by an ideal computer?

computer is an electronic device capable of manipulating data so that useful information can be generated.

What does device management mean in an operating system?

Device management controls peripheral devices by sending them commands in their own proprietary language. The software routine that knows how to deal with each device is called a "driver," and the OS requires drivers for the peripherals attached to the computer. When a new peripheral is added, that device's driver is installed into the operating system

What is another name for a mechanical mouse?

Computer mouse or a pointing device. Is that what you mean?

What do you mean by process inputs and outputs?

Inputs are anything that you pit into a system. For a computer the input can be from the user via a keyboard or gaming controller, you can also get input from usb sticks or cd's essentially anything that goes into your computer or system. The process is what the system does with these inputs. Again with the computer example it takes in what you press on the keyboard or joystick to say controll an action in the game. Output is anything that kinda like goes out of the system. For example your computer monitior is an output device and so are stuff like speakers, printer a usb stick can also be an output device if you put something on it essentially anything that goes out of the system.

What does code p0153 mean for a jeep wrangler?

Oxygen sensor circuit slow response (Bank2, Sensor1). You have a fuel system problem or a bad computer or sensor.

What does a fuel injection problem on a 1994 camaro mean?

It means your fuel injector or computer are messed up. Your injector could be very clogged. Somewhere in your fuel system you have a problem. You should have a scanner plugged into your car and get the code, it should lead you to it or near.

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