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What does 'have had a brain wave' mean?

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it means that your brain has been damaged by strong shock waves

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Does lots of alpha-theta brain wave activity mean stressed or relaxed?

Lots of alpha-theta brain wave activity mean that you are relaxed. This is because alpha-theta brain activity occurs during the sleep cycle.

What wave you can not surf on?

a brain wave

What is Brain Wave Entrainment?

my but

How does your brain tell your hand to wave?

your brain tells you what to do for everything

What is a brainwave?

When your brain makes a wave LOL wack

4 letter word for brain wave?


What is another word for brain wave?

neural oscillation

What is the point of living when im dead?

It really depends on if you mean physically or mentally. is the time at which all hope is lost. is when your brain nolonger continues to function, and there is no evidence of brain wave activity.

What is different between typical brain wave and Down syndrome brain wave?

A down syndrome brainwave is not as strong, because people with down syndrome are missing there 21st chromosome.

What actors and actresses appeared in Brain Wave - 2005?

The cast of Brain Wave - 2005 includes: Do Joon Kim as Jun Oh Se Yoon Jang as Jenny

What does amplitude of a wave mean?

The height of the wave.

Do different thoughts affect brain wave patterns?

Yes they do.

This might suddenly occur to you What does an electroencephalogram record?

Brain wave

What is a cycle of a brain wave?

goes through your ear and out the other...

What type of brain wave is most associated with sleep?


Is a string wave a electromagnetic wave?

If you mean a wave on a string, no - that's a different type of wave.

Why does a mirage look like water?

in a heat wave your brain recoqnizes that its a "wave" of heat and then (because its dehydrated usually) imagines the image in a wave like form

What does S wave mean?

a wave accuring in a eatherfx

What does the crest of a wave mean?

The highest bit of the wave.

What effect on the brain wave pattern does hyperventilation have?

voluntary hyperventilation can cause a decrease in brain wave activity by reducing blood flow to the brain. It will typically cause a spike on an EEG recording of approximately 3Hz and has been studied with EEG tests when provoking seizures

Which diagnostic procedure is the process of recording brain wave activity?


Does amplitude mean louder?

No. Amplitude refers to the height of a wave. If the wave is a sound wave a larger amplitude would mean a louder sound.

What does basal surge mean?

is the moved in a wave is the moved in a wave

What does the s in s-wave mean?

Surface Wave(:

What kind of book is the wave?

If you mean wave by Eric Walters than it is Juvenile Fiction! If you mean another book called wave then sorry I cannot answer that! I only know wave by Eric Walters!