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The person is in a state of being more aware, knowledgeable or conscious of something than they were before. Something is on a person's mind more eg. terrorism, epidemics, other world problems ...these are frequently brought to our awareness; increasing our sense of caution and responsibility.

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Q: What does 'heightened state of awareness' mean?
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What is heightened awareness?

Heightened awareness is the idea of having a higher appreciation, knowledge of, and consciousness of your connection between the physical plane, and the spiritual plane.

What is most likely to be implied in a moment with slow pacing?

Increased awareness

What word or words encapsulate heightened awareness?

OM (Prounounced as AUM)

How did the Beecher article impact research in the US?

It heightened awareness of problems with unethical research

The meaning of seeing the black bird?

Seeing a blackbird could be a good omen. It could also mean heightened awareness spiritually or in your personal life.

In what way did the Beecher article impact research in the US?

It heightened the awareness of problems with unethical research

Hypnosis involves a state of what?

heightened openness to suggestion

Hypnosis involves a state of?

heightened openness to suggestion

Why do you twitch after smoking weed?

A heightened sense of awareness in your surroundings can make you startled (twitchy) in reaction to things that others see as normal.

What are the effects of caffeine?

caffeine is a psychoactive drug that is considered a stimulant. you will experience heightened awareness and the jitters. It can also cause large amounts of urination

What is the speaker's attitude in the poem The Raven?

The speaker is in a state of heightened emotion.

Is actualization a defense mechanism?

No, it is a heightened state of self awareness, and fulfillment. It is the absence of panic and worry, and a calm. Defense Mechanisms are reactive techniques the mind uses to help ignore some or all of the truth/situations people face.

What does consciously mean?

with awareness

What does conscientisation mean?


What is awareness?

Perception of a situation or knowledge of fact. Example: he had awareness about this attack.

What does the word awareness mean?

CarefulOne's personal conscious recognition of the state of matters:(1) ...surrounding himself (known as situational or general awareness), or(2) ...surrounding a particular topic (subjectawareness). [MY DEFINITION]

What is heightened?

Heightened means made higher, increased.

Which was a response to the effort to admit Missouri as a new state?

heightened tensions surrounding the issue of slavery

What is the root word heightened?

The root word of 'heightened' is 'high'.

What does Mystique mean?

An aura of heightened value or interest or meaning surrounding a person or thing

The suffix '-ness' means and is used in English words such as awareness?

-Ness in this sense means 'the state of being/having', so 'awareness' is the state of being aware.

How do hypnotists actually hypnotise you?

Hypnotists don't actually do anything to you - rather they facilitate a natural faculty within everyone to enter an altered states where by the awareness of the clients creative imagination is heightened.

What is a persistent vegetative state?

(PVS, a state of coma that lacks both awareness and wakefulness)

Does greater self awareness necessarily mean greater awareness?

In some respect it does. self awareness is being aware of where you are and what you are doing. greater awareness is knowing what is going around you and understanding it for what it is; therefore you can rationalize your actions which refers to self awareness.

What is a heightened sense of smell called?

A heightened sense of smell can be called hyperosmia.