What does 'laces out' mean in 'Ace Ventura - Pet Detective'?

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"Laces out" in Ace Ventura refers to the best form for kicking a field goal in football. The ball should be positioned with its laces out (facing the goalpost) rather than with the laces in (facing the kicker). The trajectory of the ball is more easily controlled when it is positioned laces out, which makes it more desirable when kicking the field goal. In the film, "Lois" Einhorn/Ray Finkle blames Dan Marino for positioning the football laces in and costing him a Super-Bowl-winning field goal. His anger about this prompts him to kidnap Marino and Snowflake, the mascot for the Miami Dolphins.
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What was on Finkle's backside in Ace Ventura?

His penis! To convincingly pass himself off as a woman, he had to tuck his penis between his legs. Drag queens do this all the time. It's called "tucking." But in Finkel's case, it stuck out conspicuously in the back...when he was wearing only panties, anyway.

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Does ace ventura exist?

no but he exists in some ace ventura movies and he is also played by the same actor Jim carry.

How well did Ace Ventura 3 rate?

Not very well. This was actually called Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective, and it only got a 1.9 out of 3. It didn't have Jim Carrey in it, and people disliked it.

Who starred in Ace Ventura 3?

"Josh Flitter starred in Ace Ventura Three. Other main actors include Emma Lockhart, and Ann Cusack. They played the main roles in this film."

Is there an Ace Ventura 3 in development?

There is no Ace Ventura 3 in development. This is because the movie has already been released on DVD. There was no theatrical release and the DVD was released in 2009.

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Who starred in 'Ace Ventura When Nature Calls'?

The movie 'Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls' was directed by Steve Oedekerk and released in 1995. The film starred Jim Carrey, Ian McNeice, and Simon Callow, amongst others.

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