What does 'look after today and tomorrow will look after itself' mean?

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it means first take care of what happens in your life today and tmrw will take care of itself if you do something before hand, you won't have to worry about tomorrrow or the future
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What do looks mean?

Answer . Answer. Looks mean how you look when you look in a mirror. Do you look old, young, beautiful or ugly.

Why were the numbers look the way they are today?

The reason our number system looks the way it does is not coincidence at all. 1 has 1 angle, 2 has 2 angles, 3 has 3 angles etc. To properly demonstrate I would need to draw them for you because over the years the numbers look a little different but not too much. The number 8 used to look like two b ( Full Answer )

How does Ebony Ayes look today?

I heard she stripped for awhile in Georgia or some southern state and has really blown up weight wise and is retired. I heard she stripped for awhile in Georgia or some southern state and has really blown up weight wise and is retired

Why do our continents look the way they do today?

Overall, this is due to plate tectonics--the movement, creation, and destruction of lithospheric plates which float on the asthenosphere, with the associated volcanism, uplift, sinking, and mountain building. Shaping Continents and Seas The shape and location of the continents and islands are d ( Full Answer )

What does the Alamo look like today?

The Alamo only has the shrine and Long Barrack Museum The Alamo would still be big as it was in 1836 that would take the entire Downtown San Antonio too rebuild the original compound of Mission San Antonio De Valero The Alamo was 4 square feet and the walls were 6 feet high

Why do the continents look the way they do today?

My opinion on this question is that its probably a pattern on earth. Maybe in millions of years the earth would look like pangea, then eventually back to how it is now and repeating.

What does What is vice today may be virtue tomorrow mean?

Morals and morality are constantly changing and also differ from place to place.. Only 150 years ago homosexuality was punishable with prison, now its accepted.. In some cultures multiple wives are allowed, in ours its a crime.. It is generally considered that birth control is a virtue but in the ( Full Answer )

How do you get mean look?

a zubat could be knowing it but if you are trying toprevent Pokemon from escaping the move block is better

What did the first basketball itself look like?

The very, very first basketball was actually a soccer ball. It was used and thrown into a peach basket (instead of a hoop) during gym class many years ago. This is how basketball was started. After that, there was manychanges made to the ball and the basket as well.

What do the Aztecs look like today?

The Aztecs today carry on as normal Mexicans like normal people. They still mainly carry on with old traditions apart from the sacrificing of humans.

What does Pakistan look like today?

Pakistanlook like as it was in 1947. But the good thing is that nation isuniting again. Pakistan will prosper once it overcomes prevailingwave of terrorism.

What does it mean when a guy always looks at you but looks away when your not looking at him?

If he does it often he probably likes you. He might be trying to time it right, so when your not looking, he doesn't want to look at you so it seems like he's not that into you. But when you have his attention, wave, or wink at him to give him a sign that your intersted, and he will most likely come ( Full Answer )

Can the earth look after itself?

The Earth can look after itself! It can because of the 10, 000 years before humans inhabited It nothing went wrong. This is very simple and believable to prove that the Earth can look after itself

How will earth look after itself?

A famous British scientist James Lovelock formulated the Gaia hypothesis. He worked with NASA on the Viking mission to find life on Mars during the 1970's and stunned the scientific community with his ideas on the future of mankind. Gaia proposes that the Earth will not tolerate an organism that thr ( Full Answer )

What do witches look like today?

In the present world witches look scary and very intimidating. Theydress in dark colors and carry very scary weapons to scare awaypeople.

How does Doris Day look today?

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL TODAY, JUST LIKE SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN...ONLY OLDER. The smile is still brilliant, and her memory is intact. She is one classy lady.

What does it mean when a boy looks at you when your not looking and when you look at him he doesn't look?

It means that he was checking you out. And right when you look at him, he knows it will be awkward so he puts his head down. Opinions by other contributors: . If he's shy, it means he likes you but is too shy to look you in the eyes. In that case if you like him too, try to catch his eyes ev ( Full Answer )

Do you say looking forward to tomorrow or for tomorrow?

It's "looking forward to tomorrow" if you mean 'I anticipate tomorrow'. In contrast, 'looking forward for tomorrow' means something very different. That would imply that someone were looking in a forward direction for the purposes of something happening the next day.

How does the Artemis temple look today?

The Temple of Artemis , one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is represented only by one inconspicuous column, revealed during an archaeological excavation by the British Museum in the 1870s. Some fragments of the frieze (which are insufficient to suggest the form of the original) and othe ( Full Answer )

Where can you get mean look?

Well, if you mean the move Mean Look, it be learned by level-up or by relearning it for certain Pokemon. A few Pokemon can also learn it by breeding. However, it is not a TM, HM, or Move Tutor Move. Here are the Pokemon that can learn Mean Look in Generation IV (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of look after?

the meaning of look after means to watch something or someone for someone so they can go out and do something ?

What does Bosnia look like today?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land in southeast Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula :) Its capital city is Sarajevo . Official languae used i Bosnia is Bosnian language. The Bosnian standard uses both, Latin and Crlic alphabets. In the central and s ( Full Answer )

How does the Parthenon look today?

Figure it out yourself, ask a teacher or someone....dont just come here looking for all the awnsers -.- :3

What does it mean when a guy is looking at you and you look back but he just looks at you?

First off, I'm a teenage boy, so I'm speaking firsthand. Ok, it depends on how he's looking at you. If he's either half glaring or his eyes are unfocused, it means nothing as he's thinking hard or zoning out, respectively. If he smiles at all when you look back, then he's likely trying to get your ( Full Answer )

How to look pretty tomorrow?

First thing to do is take a shower and use a good scented shampoo and body wash ( I recommend Dove shampoo, it makes my hair so smooth in the morning). While in the show be sure to shave those legs and under arms, and don't forget to use a soft shaving cream so you don't have scratches! Next put a s ( Full Answer )

How does a lion look after itself?

It has inherited traits from its mother and father, which help it know what to do, and how to hunt, but it would also have learned behaviors because it would probaly see other animals or lions and learn from them. Like if another animal tries to attack it, it then knows to stay away from the animal ( Full Answer )

What does the Bastille look like today?

The Bastille fortress does not exist any longer today. Right afterit was stormed by the people of Paris in July 1789, it wasdismantled. The dismantling was already scheduled before the event,as the fortress was outdated and no longer outside Paris, due tothe growth of the town. Many of the stones we ( Full Answer )

What does looking mean?

"Look" is one of the first English words learned by children. Even children with a vocabulary of a couple of hundred words know this word. If you do not know it, you do not know enough English to understand this answer. ("So why am I writing it then?" I ask myself.)

Will you look like Zendaya tomorrow?

Yes everybody in this universe will look like Zendaya tomorrow. Thank you for asking such an intelligent and important question. I hope that I answered your demands.

What does an airplane today look like?

It has wings and can fly (but not like a duck). Its made primarily of metal and other solid materials (not feathers) and has fixed wings for elevation (they do not flap). An engine or engines propel the plane, unless its a glider, which erm... glides.

Why do you think the planets look the way they look today?

They look like that because they are all at different distances andhave different elements in their atmospheres. Mars looks redbecause we see the rocky red surface, while on the other planets(except Mercury) we only see the top of a very thick layer ofclouds.