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Meaning of Organic In foods means: Naturally grown. No unnatural additives or fertilizers were used. In chemistry means: to do with carbon based molecules. In chemistry organic is concerned with the carbon compounds of living beings and also most other carbon compounds.

In food organic is referring to that which was produced without the use of hormones, antibiotics (for non-medicinal purposes), synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).


1. of living things: relating to, derived from, or characteristic of

living organisms - "organic remains found in rocks. ".

2. developing naturally: occurring or developing gradually and

naturally, without being forced or contrived; developing in the manner

of a living plant or animal - "society is organic".

3. intrinsic: forming a basic and inherent part of something and largely

responsible for its identity or makeup; of the elements of a whole which

are harmoniously related; having systematic coordination of parts

4. naturally efficiently organized: being made of parts that exist

together in a seemingly natural relationship that makes for organized

efficiency need to integrate the various functions of the department

into an organic whole; systematic arrangement of parts

5. (agriculture) avoiding synthetic chemicals: relating to or employing

agricultural practices that avoid the use of artificial chemicals in

favor of naturally occurring pesticides, fertilizers, and other growing


6. (food) produced without synthetic chemicals: grown or reared without

the use of synthetic chemicals a wide range of organic produce

7. (medicine) of body's organs: relating to the organs of the body,

specifically to basic changes in them brought about by physical


8. (chemistry) based on carbon: belonging to a family of compounds that

are ultimately of biological origin. (Compounds which do not have carbon

atoms are called inorganic compounds).

9. (Biology) pertaining to, derived from, like, of the nature of, an

organ of a plant or animal - "an organic disease".

10. (law) Denoting or relating to the fundamental or constitutional laws

and precepts of a government or an organization.

11. of, pertaining to, or affecting living tissue - "organic pathology".

12. (Psychology) caused by neurochemical, neuroendocrinologic,

structural, or other physical impairment or change - "organic disorder".


BASICALLY it means natural.

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Q: What does 'organic' mean?
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Are all bananas organic?

That all depends on the meaning of organic. If by organic you mean living, then yes. If by organic you mean the special way of growing and farming that is pesticide free, then no.

What does it mean to be organic molecule?

Organic molecules are carbon based.

What does organic rock mean?

It is a rock derived from organic process, such as coal.

What does it mean if a mineral is organic?

In chemistry organic means it is made or contains carbon.

How is an organic compound different from an organic compound?

Do you mean how is an organic compound different from an inorganic compound? If so, an organic compound has carbon, an inorganic compound does not need to have carbon.

What is energy from the burning of organic material?

If by 'organic' material you mean recently growing plant material, this would be classed as biomass. In chemistry fuels such as oil are classed as organic, but I feel you may not mean that.

What does it mean to say a mineral is in organic?

An organic mineral is of biogenic origin; for example petroleum can be considered an organic liquid mineral. For other organic minerals see the link below.

WHAT does it mean if a substance is organic?

An organic substance contains carbon and hydrogen chemically bonded together.

What does does organic fruits mean?

organic fruits mean the purest form of the fruits which has either no pesticides or fewer pesticides compared to non-organic fruits. they do not look as good as non-organic fruits look but are much healthier that that. you can visit to know more about it.

What does organic mean in a simple version?

In simple terms, organic means related to life. Organic chemicals are the kind which living things are made of.

What does cpd in organic chemistry mean?


What does it mean for an organism to be organic?

It is poisoned by oxygen

An organic catalyst normally a protein?

Organic catalysts (which sometimes mean "enzymes"), are usually proteins. One example of an organic catalyst that is NOT a protein is ribozyme.

What is Italian word for organic?

It's organico.Yes, but if you mean organic food, we say " cibo biologico"

What is organic mater mean?

Organic matter is any living matter such as animal meat or plant matter.

What does organic mean sowhat would it mean for a rock to be considered an''organic rock''?

Organic means to be made with carbon. More importantly for geology it means to made either by or from the remains of a living thing. So to be an organic rock part of it's materials are made by or from life.

Does organic milk need to be refrigerated?

Yes. Being organic does not mean that it doesn't contain microbes. It will spoil, too.

Is ethanol acid an organic acid?

If you mean ethanoic acid then yes. Ethanol is organic but it is generally not considered an acid.

Which object is an example of an organic form?

look up 'The Scream' byEdvard Munch, that is all organic, if that's what you mean?

What does inorganic rock mean?

it means a rock is not organic

What does organic mean in the textile world?

maybe fabric

What does voc or vok mean?

Volatile organic compound

What does organic mean in earth science?

when something is fresh

What does it mean for carbon to be organic?

"Organic" chemistry is the study of compounds containing carbon. I'm not sure elemental carbon can be called organic, because the term refers to compounds.

Does organic mean certified organic?

No. While both are grown without chemicals, certified organic growers have applied to and received certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). They may be labeled "USDA organic" in stores.