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What does 'quod' mean?

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The Latin word 'quod' is a relative conjunction. It may be used to introduce a clause. Used in that way, its meaning tends to be the fact that, the point that. Or the meaning may be as far as, as to the fact that, because, on the ground that, on which account, there's reason for, to the extent that, whereas, why. The word 'quod' also may be used to introduce a completely new sentence. Used in this way, its meaning tends to be and, but, now.

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What does age quod agis mean?

Age Quod Agis Means Do What You Are Doing

What does Sum quod sum mean?

"I am what I am"

What does 'quod sum' mean?

The Latin word quod has the basic meaning "that" and can be used in a number of different ways.In the phrase eris quod sum (see link below), it has the meaning "that which" or "what" so that the whole phrase means "You will be what I am".Quod can also be a conjunction meaning "in that" or "because", so that the phrase quod sum, if taken by itself, can mean "because I am".

What does quod deus bene vertat mean?

quod Deus bene vertat = "may God grant success"

What does est quod est mean in English?

"It is what it is", and that's Latin.

What does 'sum quod' mean?

The Latin phase 'sum quod' is incomplete. For one English equivalent is the following: I am that which... . Another English equivalent is as follows: I am what... .

What does quod vos eratis custodes mean in English?

"Because you were guardians"

What does quod teneo tenebo mean in English?

Because I hold/have, I will hold/have.

What does you gusta mean in spanish?

Quod dixisti? (= What did you say? in Latin)I think you mean 'me gusta' = I like

What does 'Id est quod est' mean in English?

Latin for: "It is what it is."

What does quod deus partum mulier mean?

God created man and woman.

What does quod vult valde vult mean?

That which he wants, he wants very much.

What is 'quod semper'?

The phrase 'quod semper' is from the ancient, classical Latin language. Its English equivalent is what [has been held] always. It's part of the saying 'quod semper quod ubique quod ab omnibus', which means 'What [has been held] always, everywhere, by everybody'.

Can quod be used in a scrabble game?

Yes. Quod is an allowable Scrabble word.

What does 'Quod me nutruit me destruit' mean?

The English equivalent of the sentence 'Quod me nutruit me destruit' is What nurtures me destroys me. In the word-by-word translation, the relative conjunction 'quod' means 'what'. The personal pronoun 'me' means 'me'. The verb 'nutruit' means '[he/she/it] nourishes, nurtures'. The verb 'destruit' means '[he/she/it] destroys'.

What does Eris quod sum mean?

Eris quod sum is Latin for "You will be what I am". This is part of a longer quotation often attributed to the Roman poet Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, 65 BC - 8 BC), but found nowhere among his surviving works: Eram quod es, Eris quod sum ("I was what you are; you will be what I am").A similar phrase, Sum quod Eris; quod es, ipse fui ("I am what you will be; what you are, I myself have been") is quoted by the 11th-century writer Petrus Alfonsus in his Ecclesiastical Discipline, who says it is from a verse on a marble plaque seen by "a certain philosopher" while walking through an ancient cemetery.

What does 'quod est factum factum est' mean?

What's done is done.

Quod you nutrit you destruit proverb latin?

Quod me nutrit me destruit : [what feeds me destroys me] quod te nutrit te destruit : [what feeds you destroys you] (one person] quod vos nutrit vos destruit: " " (more than one person)

Is quod a word?

Quod is a perfectly good Latin word, and a very common one.It is the neuter nominative/accusative singular of the relative adjective qui, quae, quod: "malum quod faciunt homines," "the evil that men do."It is also a conjunction, meaning "that" or "because": "rogo quod scire volo," "I ask because I want to know."

What does My boss's top rule is age quod agis mean?

Merriam-Webster defines age quod agis as meaning "do what you are doing" and "to the business at hand." For a boss to say this is their top rule would likely mean they expect everyone to do their job and do it well.

When was Eris Quod Sum created?

Eris Quod Sum was created on 2008-10-27.

What does qv mean in literature?

qv(denotes a cross reference) abbreviation for quod vide [Latin: which see]

What does 'Quod you nutrit you destruit' mean?

The phrase 'Quod you nutrit you destruit' mixes three Latin words with the second person pronoun 'you' of English. Two out of the three Latin words are incorrectly phrased. The correct sentence is the following: Quod nutris destruis. The word-by-word translation is the following: 'quod' means 'what'; 'nutris' means '[you] nurture'; and 'destruis' means '[you] destroy'. And so the saying goes as follows: Whatever you nourish, you destroy.

What is the translation of quod semper quod ubique quod abomnibus?

"Quod semper, quod ubique, quod ab omnibus" literally means, "what always, what everywhere, what by everyone." This is the standard test for authentic catholic (i.e. universal) Christian doctrine, as proposed by the Church Father, St. Vincent of Lerins (died c. 445). It means that a Christian teaching is to be accepted as authentic and universal doctrine if it passes the test as what has been held by believrs "always, everywhere, and by everyone."

What is 'Quod erat faciendum' when translated from Latin to English?

Quod erat faciendum in Latin is "That which was to be done" in English.