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What does 're' mean?

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In 'regards' to - or in 'reference' to. your mom and dad and grandma

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What does De Re mean in the French Ile de Re?


What does Re mean?

Reason.Re stands for 'a matter'.

What does the prefix 're' mean?


What does re re mean?

this means in regard to or in reference to

What does re mean when replying to an email?

RE as in REply.

What is mean by rccycle?

recycling mean re-produce waste things and re-use that product

Does re mean to do again?

Yes re means to do again

What does he now re mean?

i have no idea !!!! what does it mean???

What does confirm password mean?

It means: ''Re-write password''

What does the prefix word re mean?

The prefix re- means "again"

What does sajna re mean?

sajna re means hey beloved

What does ''re' mean as a prefix?

To repeat;do something again

What does the prefix 're- mean?

it means 'over" or "again"

What does re mean in the latin language?

Re (pronounced ray) mean by, with or from the thing. It is in the 5th declension and in the Ablative case.

What does the stem re mean?

Re- is a prefix not a stem. The prefix re- means again. Hope this helps!

What does the abbreviation RE mean with reference to a school district?

what does RE stand for in schools

What does beeping sound in cotton candy machine mean when turned on?

Re re

What does co-invented mean?

it mean re invented

What does re mean in an email?


What does the suffix re mean?


What does re mean on a fax?

In reply

What does Cal sup re mean in French?

"Cal sup re" means nothing in French.

What does re-create mean?

It means to re-enact or act out something that happened in the past

What dose recycle mean?


What does Cu Lao Re mean?