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What does 'relegation' mean?

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Unlike popular American sports (i.e. football, Baseball, Basketball), most soccer leagues abroad have varying levels. For example, in England the top league is called the Premiership. As a result, teams that do poorly in a season, drop down to a lower division (or "get relegated") while teams that perform well in a lower league move to a higher league (or "get promoted.")

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What happens with relegation if Portsmouth fc go bust?

It will be in the hands of a administrator.

What is a synonym for demoted?

synonyms : relegation , downgrading, devaluation, reduction, lowering

Will porthsmouth survive relegation?

no all they have is their goalie and that wont do them any good unless they can get some goals

How does English Premier League work relegation?

The lowest 3 teams at the end of the season are relegated.

What competition format does the English Premier League use?

English Premier League is an association for football clubs. These football clubs run under the system of promotion and relegation. Promotion and relegation means that a team can be transferred to another division base on there yearly performance.

Who are St Mirren?

St. Mirren are a Scottish Premier League team, they are in danger of relegation in 2008/2009.

Will Newcastle ever win the champions league?

Not likely in the near future as they have just come from a year in relegation.

Should there be relegation in sports?

Yes, I believe there should be, it punishes team who don't play well enough to continue at that level, and rewards other team at lower levels a chance to play on a bigger stage. Yes, relegation is a very tough pill to swallow but you have a whole season to avoid it.

When did Roy Keane leave Sunderland?

Roy Keane left Sunderland as they were in the relegation battle he thought they would not survive this year.

Has arsenal fc ever go for relegation in premeir league before?

no, their worst place ever was 12th and chelsea's was 14th.

Will Liverpool be relagated in 2010?

This is so rediculos I really think that this is being hyped up and Liverpool will get lifted from the relegation zone soon

When did Brett Finch Leave the eels to join the Storm?

April 2009, when he was reportedly requested to lift his game or suffer relegation to a lower division

Has arsenal been relegated before?

There was a time in history when Arsenal football club was relegated. This was back in 1913. This is the only time that the club has suffered relegation.

Which words are synonymous with 'transfer'?

Transmission, move, removal, shift, relegation, hand over, provide, give, transmit, consign, deliver, convert...

What cultural features did greeks share?

Language, the pantheon of gods, the religious games, relegation of females to subservient status, art, theatre, politics, an addiction to warfare.

What is the answer to this question of if the relegation changed from -100 feet to 600 feet what is the total elevation change?

The way you typed the question, it has no answer. I'm thinking that you were watching TV or talking on the phone when you wrote the question, and instead of writing 'elevation' the first time, you wrote 'relegation' instead. The total elevation change is (the elevation when you finish) minus (the elevation when you start). In this situation, that's (600) - (-100) = 700 feet .

What is wigan athletic?

Wigan Athletic are a Premier League football team, and are, at times, good footballers. However, sloppy play and bad defending has left them in the relegation zone.

What were the reasons for division?

due to the large number of teams and also so teams have something to aim for (promotion) and stay away from (relegation). Basically to moticate the teams more.

Who is better arsenal or Liverpool?

ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back in 03/04 they won they the title without losing a game. Compared to Liverpool, at the beginning of the10/11 season they were in relegation zone

Another word for convection?

Alteration, Assignment Conduction Deportation Displacement Move Relegation Relocation Removal Shift Substitution Transference Translation Transmission Transmittal Transposition Variation

What football team has never been out of top division?

Man u Untrue, they were relegated from the top division in 1974, returning a year later. Not their first relegation either.

Which goalkeeper saved his club from relegation with a goal in England?

Ah, yes, Jimmy Glass, scored with the last kick on 8 May 1999 to beat Plymouth 2-1 and keep Carlisle in the league.

Did there used to be playoffs to be relegated from the premiership?

Not in the Premier League era. The most recent promotion/relegation playoffs were in seasons 1986/87 and 1987/88 - Charlton survived in 87, but Chelsea went down in 88.

What rhymes with conjugation?

Words that rhyme with conjugation:abnegationaggregationallegationcastigationcongregationcorrugationdelegationelongationexpurgationfumigationinstigationlitigationmitigationnavigationobligationprolongationpropagationrelegationsubjugation

What team has never been relegated from top flight football?

Liverpool ========================= Liverpool have been relegated. The only team never relegated from the top division are Wigan Athletic. Promoted in 2005. Currently in danger of relegation.

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