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The Carnegie system awards 1 credit per 50 or 55 minute class session per week over the course of a semester. I assume the statement means there is more (or less) class time required for the programming courses. It may be that the courses are "stacked" or offered in another alternative delivery format. To be sure, ask the program representative.

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Is it comply with or comply to?

It is "comply with" or "conform to" not "comply to." To act in agreement with rules or requests. Definitely comply with

Is 704824 is measurement of right triangle?

No because the measurements of a right angle triangle must comply with Pythagoras' theorem which is: a squared + b squared = c squared

Who most comply with HIPAA?

who has to comply with HIPAA

Virginia tattoo laws?

The person being tattooed needs to be 18 yr old and you have to comply with the health dept. in sanitation classes for pathogens/infectious diseases.

A sentence for comply?

If you do not comply with the rules of the establishment, you will be asked to leave.

Is resist and comply antonyms or synonyms?

Resist and comply are antonyms

What does comply mean and how do you use it in a sentence?

Comply is when you follow a rule or law or guideline that has been made. Examples: The girl seemed to always want to comply. If they did not comply, they would not be allowed to compete. The business always made sure to comply with the tax laws.

What classes do I need to take to become an emt?

No degree is required, though a specified number of training hours through an approved certificate program are necessary to comply with licensing requirements.

What are the imprtance international system of units SI?

The International System of units Virtually everyone throughout the world uses exactly the same measurement. The only major country that does not comply is the US.

Why is it important to use the Structure Theorem in software design and programming?

beside its very convenient and easy to follow with, almost all high, low, and machine languages instruction are formulated to comply with the structure theorem.

Would you put comply in a sentence?

Bob didn't comply with the teacher's answer

Can you get sentenced to prison for failure to comply?

This would depend on what you failed to comply with.

What is the verb of compliant?

The verb of compliant is comply. As in "to comply with something or someone".

Comply in a sentence?

My parents said they will comply with my wishes of getting a cell phone.;

What is a sentence for the word comply?

If you do not comply with the company rules, I will have no choice but to terminate your employment.

What is sentences of comply?

If you don't comply with our no smoking rule, you'll have to leave to leave.

How do you use comply in a sentence?

You must comply with the Law in order to keep your liberty.employes who fail to comply with a company's rules may lose their jobs.

Can you put the word comply in a sentence?

The man chose to comply with the orders. There ya go.

How would you use the word comply In a sentence?

Please comply with the skating rink's policies.

What is the abstract noun of comply?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to comply are compliance and the gerund, complying.

What is the meaning of comply?

The definition of the word comply is "(of a person or group) act in accordance with a wish or command."

Walmart comply with sec regulations?

identify the processes the walmart organization uses to comply with SEC regulations

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