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A craw is also known as a gizzard, and is the organ in birds where the animal's food is digested - they do not have stomachs with acid like we do, but instead swallow sand and small pebbles to break down their food. People observed that birds which swallowed smaller stones or even sand were lighter in weight, and thus able to move more quickly and escape the farmer more easily when he decided on a chicken or duck dinner. The expression "sand in your craw" has come to mean someone who is feisty or plucky, like the bird fighting for its life against the farmer. If you don't have much sand, you are not courageous or feisty. Often, the phrase was shortened to just "to have sand." Oh, and "warn't" is just dialect for "wasn't."

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Q: What does 'there warn't much sand in my craw' mean?
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