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Q: What does 'todo' mean in spanish?
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What do todo mean in Spanish?

Todo in spanish means all.

What does a todo mean in spanish?

a todo = "to all" or "to the entire" A todo el mundo = to everybody or "to all the world"

What does toto mean in spanish?

'toDo' = all

What does todo mean in spanish?

It means "all" or "everything".

What does the name toto mean in spanish?

'Todo' = 'all'

What does en mi todo mean in spanish?

My All

What is you mean everything to me in Spanish?

Significas todo para mi.

What Does Lo Perdi Todo Mean In Spanish?

I've lost it

What does todo un poco mean in spanish?

all a bit

What does everybody mean in spanish?

'everybody' = 'todo el mundo'

What does the Spanish word todo mean in English?

Everything/ All of it.

How do you say you mean everything to me in spanish?

Significas todo para mi

What does todo ya Cambio mean in spanish?

every thing has changed

What does entendi todo jajajaa mean in spanish?

I understood everything, jaja.

What does todo contigo nada sin ti mean?

"Todo contigo, nada sin ti" is Spanish for "everything with you, nothing without you."

What does 'tudo' mean in Spanish?

Tudo isn't Spanish. It's Portuguese for everything. The word in Spanish is todo.

What does e'tutto cio mean in spanish?

It's Italian for 'It's all that'. In Spanish: 'Es todo eso'

What does pues todo puede variar mean in spanish?

Translation: Everything can vary.

What does todo buen don mean in spanish?

It means: "every good gift"

What do you mean by todo in Spanish?

Normally, it means "all" or "everything", or occaisionally "everyone".

What does you hope all is well mean in spanish?

esperas que todo este bien

What does To-do para usted mean?

"Todo para usted" is Spanish and it means "all for you."

What does the Spanish phrase 'despues de todo' mean?

The Spanish phrase "despues de todo" translates in English to "after all." It can be used in a variety of ways depending on the situation depicted in the conversation.

How do you say 'you mean every thing to me' in Spanish?

Significas todo para mi.

How do you say you mean every thing to me in spanish?

you say: "tu significas todo para mi"