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What does "tossing" mean in sexual terms

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Q: What does 'toss the salad' mean in sexual terms?
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What does toss the salad mean in sexual terms?


What does toss your salad mean?

toss my salad means sex with random people

What does it mean to toss a girls salad?

To toss a girl's Salad is to pleasure her by licking her ass.

Why does everyone laugh when you toss a salad?

It is another metaphor for something sexual.

What is a salad toss?

A salad toss is when you have a salad put together and you toss it around (In the bowl) to mix everything through.

What does it mean if a fuy asks you to toss his salad?

to beat his meat

How do you say toss salad in french?

toss it you tosser

What does toss the salad mean?

i dont no,neither does sally,we rofl at it:Pxox

Why do people toss the salad?

You toss salads to mix or distribute its ingredients.

How salads should be mixed properly?

The best way to mix a salad is by using salad tongs or forks to gently toss the salad around until it's combined. You can also place a cover tightly on the salad bowl and gently toss the bowl around. And you can always use your hands (clean) to toss the salad.

What do they have in common A ball a salad a coin?


How do you use the word toss in a sentence?

You may cut the cheese while I toss the salad.

What is a salad bowl?

A salad bowl is a large bowl with a wide top to make it convenient to toss or mix the salad.

Toss the salad?

it means getting your as*hole licked

What do you do to girl gourmet?

toss her salad thats it we straight

What does toss my salad mean?

Literally speaking, to toss a salad is to make a large bowl of various healthy fresh vegetable and fruit ingredients, tossed together or blended, and served with a variety of salad dressings to spice up the tasty, nutritious treat. There is a figurative meaning that is unfit for this website. Try Urban Dictionary for the figurative meaning.

How much lettuce is needed for toss salad for 100?


What is toss the salad?

Throwing up orr oral sex !!

What was the role of hospitalers during the Middle Ages?

to "toss my salad"

Why is Canada called the toss salad?

Canada is a multicultural country.

When do features of a product become selling points?

after you toss my salad

How do you prepare tossed salad?

you get lettuce and whatever eles you want in the salad and miss it together. The phrase tossed doessnt ready mean to toss it. Just mix it. Up and add the side things.

What are the utencils used to make salads?

Salad forks and/or salad spoons can be used to toss the salad. Tongs help to dip the salad onto the plate, but aren't as useful for tossing.

Do men toss salad?

Most chefs are men-so,yes

What does solid potato salad mean?

It's a substitute acronym, stands for Sisters Parading Suppleness, a toss to the Ross sisters for their contortionist choreography.

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