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14KGS means gold over silver so not all gold

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What does lxg mean stamped on gold?

what does LXG stamped on gold mean

What does DM mean stamped on gold jewelry?

what does dm stamped on gold mean

What does kn stamped on a ring mean?

What does kn mean when stamped in gold

What does ck stamped in gold mean?

i have a ring stamped with ck on it?what does that mean?

What does ing mean when stamped inside a gold band?

i have a gold ring with ING stamped on the inside , what does that mean ?

What does ma stamped on 14kt gold mean?

What does ma stamped on gold bracelet mean

What does 935 stamped on gold mean?

Ive seen 10k gold from brazil stamped ,935

What does 14KGS on a piece of jewelry mean?

The "KGS" stands for "Karat Gold Shell". The piece isn't solid karat gold , it rather has a type of gold plating on it instead.

What does b10k stamped on a gold ring mean?

What does B 10 K on stamped on my gold ring is it reall

What does 18KP BRZ stamped on gold jewelry mean?

What is mean brz on gold bracelet

What does 275 stamped on gold mean?

it means that it contains 27.5% gold

What does A O stamped on jewelry mean?

what does O mean on a gold necklace

What does 417 stamped on jewelry mean?

It indicates it is 41.7% gold, or 10K gold.

What Gold stamped 999.9 mean?

It means it's 24K gold, pure.

What does 228 stamped on jewelry mean?

The number 228 stamped on jewelry means it is made of gold.

What does Q73 mean stamped on a gold ring?

I think it mean 73 karat gold but I'm not sure

What does 375 stamped on a necklace mean?

375 if stamped on a gold necklace means it is a 9 karat gold peice. commonly found in Australian and European gold jewelery.

What does it mean when a ring is stamped 10kFG?

Gold Filled or Rolled Gold, instead of gold plated or solid gold.

What does 18 K HGFA mean stamped on a Ring?

it means that the the ring has 18 carats of gold

What does 0750 mean stamped on gold watch?

The 0750 means the watch is 18K Gold>

What does it mean to have gold stamped sb 22?

it means your gold is of 22 carat purity

What is gold stamped 14km mean?

14kM mean 14k ring for men

Is jewelry stamped Korea real gold?

If a piece of gold jewelry is marked Korea does that mean it is not real gold?

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