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What does 17 mean in the Bible?


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November 29, 2008 4:04PM

One Beginning, one Two Witness, separation Three The Godhead Four Earth, creation, world Five Grace, cross, atonement, life Six Man, beast, Satan Seven Perfection, completeness Eight New beginning Nine Completeness, finality, fulness Ten Law, government, restoration Eleven Incompleteness, disorganization, disintegration Twelve Divine government, apostolic fulness Thirteen Rebellion, backsliding, apostacy. Fourteen Passover Seventeen Spiritual order Twenty-four Priestly courses; governmental perfection Thirty Consecration; maturity for ministry Forty Probation, testing, closing in victory or judgment Fifty Pentecost, liberty, freedom, jubilee Seventy Prior to increase Seventy-five Separation, cleansing, purification One hundred twenty End of all flesh, beginning life in the Spirit One hundred forty-four God's ultimate in creation One hundred fifty-three Revival, the elect Three hundred Faithful remnant Six hundred sixty-six Antichrist, Satan, the damned Triplicate 666