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  1. Redefine your definition of "rich". - "I remember sitting in a cubicle at my first professional job staring at a picture of an SUV I wanted to buy (and eventually did). Now, I sit in my office and look at the pictures of my kids, and just outside my window I can see the beater I drive sitting in the company parking lot. What a difference a decade makes! To sum things up, my definition of being rich is having enough money to meet my family's basic needs, a few of our wants, and to be able to give some away to others." - via Frugal Dad
  2. Borrow and share. Everyone wins! - "We borrowed a DVD from a friend instead of renting or buying and had a little snack from our own fridge! Way cheaper than using gas to drive to the theater/rental place, paying for a movie, and paying for a snack." - via My Dollar Plan
  3. Avoid the mall. - "Going to the mall is not entertainment! We used to go when we were bored. Of course, we usually ended up spending money while we were there. If you need clothes, then shop sales or go to stores that offer name-brands at a discount. You can save a ton on these items if you are a smart shopper. Dave Ramsey says, "Never pay retail!" We probably save $15 to $30 per month by staying away from the mall." - via My Super-Charged Life
  4. Limit your intake of advertisements. - "Advertising sucks. That's the cold, hard truth. It's engineered to make you feel like you're incomplete, that you have an unfulfilled need, that you're not good enough." - via On Simplicity
  5. Buy with cash. - "You can't spend money you don't have. Many bank accounts provide overdraft protection, so even with a debit card, it's easier to go over your account balance than you think." - via Simple Mom
  6. Find a better deal and actually SAVE the difference. - "Regardless of what they sell, if you've switched companies for price reasons, save the difference. Think of phone companies, internet access, cell phones, credit cards, and others." - via The Wisdom Journal
  7. Adhere to a long-term investment strategy. - "I'm a long-term investor. The stock portion of my portfolio is spread over several mutual funds, a few ETFs and a few individual stocks. Each and every one of these holdings was carefully chosen, after thorough research. I believe in these stocks and funds. I consider them as my best bet in growing my money - LONG TERM." - via MomGrind
  8. Curb your consumerism! - "Have you ever watched how a child can play with a cardboard box for hours, and leave the toy that came in it by the wayside? How is it that children can enjoy themselves without a lot of "stuff", but we as adults feel the need to reward ourselves by buying more stuff?" - via Billionaire Woman
  9. Stay Healthy! Medical problems drain bank accounts. - "James M. Rippe, M.D is a best-selling author, world-renowned cardiologist, and founder of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute. He explains that if you look at all the risk factors for dying, the one that is most predictive is fitness level. In addition, an older person with high cardiovascular fitness is healthier than a younger person who is physically inactive. By increasing your fitness level, you can actually roll back your biological clock." - via Abundance Blog
  10. Stay in and relax. - "So, think about it the next time you go out. Are you going for with a purpose? Maybe the solution is to not go out at all. Stay home and save! Save up for something you really want or need." - via The Jungle of Life
  11. Gradually prepare yourself for a rainy day. - "Even when things are going great, and you feel on top of the world, you must always be prepared for a change. If you take the time and patience to set yourself up properly, then when things to take a turn for the worse, you will be prepared to handle it. If you live above your means, then when the slightest change occurs, you will not be prepared to adapt. Financial flexibility is more important then keeping up with the Jones'." - via Yin vs. Yang
  12. Stop competing. Forget about the Jones' altogether. - "If getting rich makes us happy, then why don't countries as a whole get happier as they grow wealthier? They discovered that as a country gets wealthier there's no overall increase in happiness. Why? We continually compare our wealth against that of others. We are competitive and envious. Add to that the fact that Western countries encourage people to strive for more and more, and you have a formula that spins many into depression." - via Color Your Life Happy
  13. Get out of the "easy street" mentality. - "I think there is too much emphasis on the quick fix or the easy option in today's society. For example taking diet pills to lose weight instead of the "hard option" - exercising and eating well…. money is sometimes being used as a substitute for hard work. Do you think there is an increasing expectation that you can get want you want by throwing money around instead of working hard and "earning" it? - via Forever Change
  14. Avoid impulse buying. Buy things you truly need. - "Don't you just love the excitement you feel after coming home with a new TV? Driving home in a new car? Opening the box on a new pair of shoes? I sure do. But, from watching the behavior of myself and my friends I've found that the new quickly becomes just another item. The excitement of novelty passes quickly." - via Think Simple Now
  15. Time is money. Properly manage your time. - "The fewer tasks you have, the less you have to do to organize them. Focus only on those tasks that give you the absolute most return on your time investment, and you will become more productive and have less to do. You will need only the simplest tools and system, and you will be much less stressed. I think that's a winning combination. Focus always on simplifying, reducing, eliminating. And keep your focus on what's important. Everything else is easy." - via LifeDev
  16. Find ways to give without spending. - "Want a quick, easy and (almost) free way to be guaranteed that you'll make someone's day special? Send them a letter. Why not set aside some time this weekend to sit down and write to a few people? If you don't enjoy writing, try buying some nice postcards of your home town. If you've got an artistic streak, why not design your own note cards? You don't have to write a long letter for it to be effective. It's the thought that counts and the personal touch that makes it special." -via Dumb Little Man
  17. Don't let greed and deceit get the best of you. - "According to Stephen R. Covey, if you reach an admirable end through the wrong means it will ultimately turn to dust in your hands. This is due to unintended consequences that are not seen or evident at first. The example he gives in The 8th Habit is: The parent who yells at their kids to clean their rooms will accomplish the end of having a clean room. But this very means has the potential to negatively affect relationships, and it is unlikely the room will stay clean when the parent leaves town for a few days. Now, to return to the topic of wealth, I think it is possible to see much of the world's current financial problems as stemming from people who wrongly believe the ends justify the means. My advice? It is fine to aspire to wealth, but don't lose sight of the means to accomplishing it." - via The Change Blog
  18. Never ever pay retail. - "You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year on clothing purchases by waiting for sales or shopping at discount retailers like Marshalls. Better yet, avoid name brand clothing all together." - via Marc and Angel Hack Life
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What does 18-52x80 mean with binoculars?

18-52 means the power can be adjusted from 18 to 52 times (image is from 18 to 52 times larger than with naked eye) and 80 means the diameter of the objective lenses is 80 millimeters.

What is the meaning of 18 roses and 18 candles in a debut?

The 18 roses signifies 18 special different men in your life like friends, relatives, including your annoying broher (if you have one), boyfriend or father. Each one will hand you a rose and dance with you one by one. The 18 candles signifies 18 different women in your life like friends, relatives a ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of 18 treasures?

Its is not about how expensive it is but something that the person can treasure in her life. you can buy cheaper gifts if you like. it is based on how you can express how important the gift is. you can buy slippers, necklace or a book. Anything that is useful and it depends in her interes ( Full Answer )

What does 18 kt ge mean?

gold electroplate "An electro-chemical plating process in which gold of at least 10kt is bonded to another metal. Gold electroplate is no less than seven-millionths of an inch thick."

What is the meaning of 18 gifts?

18 gifts is a way of acknowledging the importance of people in thebirthday celebrant's life. These people will explain thesignificance of their gifts and how the debutant could use it inher everyday life.

What does 18 k HGE mean?

It means 18 karat heavy gold electroplate. It is not solid gold. 18karat gold is 75% gold blended with other cheaper metals, usuallyfor durability. The words "plated," "layered," or "clad" indicate athin outer coating of gold over a base metal. There is normallyvery little actual gold.

Meaning of 18 roses in a debut?

A debut is a celebration for the 18th birthday of a young woman.The 18 roses signify the most important men in the debutante'slife.

18 swg means thk?

18 swg translated number 18 Standard Wire gauge. This is from a set of standards developed to control the thickness of wire that was used for nails. The range covers 57 sizes from the largest know as 7/0 at 0.5" (12.7mm) then through 6/9, 5/0,4/0,3/0, 2/0.1/0 and 0 and then from 1down to 50 which is ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of 18 chocolates in a debut?

It is customary for the friends and family of the debut to bestow18 gifts upon the person, which usually has some significance tothe individual. The meaning of 18 chocolates in a debut issweetness.

What does 18 mean in math?

18 is a number, not a word. And also, 18 is a composite number that is often used in problems. Numbers that are factors include 1,2,3,6,9,18. Multiples include 36, 72, and others.

What is the Meaning of number 18?

One of the meanings were used by the Nazis to "call" their leader (Adolph Hitler). 1=A; 2=B; 3=C; ... ; 8=H , 1 + 8 = A + H = Adolph Hitler. One of the meanings were used by the Nazis to "call" their leader (Adolph Hitler). 1=A; 2=B; 3=C; ... ; 8=H , 1 + 8 = A + H = Adolph Hitler

What is the meaning of 18 treasure in a debut?

The meaning of 18 treasures in a debut is the 18 guests that attendthe debutantes debut. Each of the 18 guests present the debutantewith a meaningful gift.

Meaning of 18 balloons in a debut?

In a Philippine debut, the number 18 carries great significance. Ingeneral, 18 balloons represent the 18 most important people in ayoung adult's life.

What does 18 on my act mean?

That would be your compositte score im guessing? if it is..then it is slightly below average. The average ACT score is a 21.1, I suggest you take it again because there is a 55% chance of you improving your score.

What the number 18 mean?

\nIt is the sum of 8 and 10, or the product of 9 and 2. In the United States, it is the age at which you can legally vote/smoke/gamble/what have you - everything but consuming alcohol.

What is the meaning of 18 wines in a debut?

Eighteen wines in a debut is a Pilipino custom. When a debutante isgiven 18 wines, eighteen older "men" give a speech regarding theyoung lady accompanied by a wine glass.

What does sonnet 18 by Shakespeare mean?

The poem reads: Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer's lease hath all too short a date: Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimm'd; And every fair from fair so ( Full Answer )

What does 18 mean to Jewish people?

In the Hebrew language, each letter corresponds to a number. Chai, which means life, is composed of the letters chet and yud. Chet is the eighth letter and yud is the tenth. When added together, chai equals eighteen.

What is the Meaning of psalm 18?

Psalm 18 is David's testimony, it describes that David was having a hardtime, and that the Lord saved him. It really shows God's love and gracefor everyone.

What is 18 shots in a debut and its meaning?

18 shots in a debut is the 18 people picked to say something niceabout the debutante. These people do not have to bring a gift,instead they each say something nice about the debut and take ashot of liquor.

What does R-18 means?

R-18 is a form of ratings for Movies etc It means it is restricted to persons aged 18 or more

18 gifts and meaning on debut?

It has been customary to have these 18s because it is a way of acknowledging the importance of the people in a debutante's life. Being part of the 18s is an honor because it means that the debutante feels that those people have contributed so much in her life. She feels that they have been part of w ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning to the song 18 and life?

its about a boy named Ricky who had a troubled past, and eventually became an alcoholic. When he was 18, he accidentally shot his friend and was sentenced to life in prison

What is 18 karat hgea mean?

HGEA probably means heavy gold electronically applied. In other words, the piece is gold plated, not solid gold.

What does it mean if 18 is a GCF or LCM?

The greatest common factor, or GCF, is the largest positive integer that will divide evenly with no remainder into all the members of a given set of numbers. The least common multiple, or LCM, is the smallest positive integer that all the members of a given set of numbers will divide into evenly wit ( Full Answer )

What is the geometric mean of 18 and 8?

The geometric mean of two numbers is the square root of their product. 18 x 8 = 144. The square root of 144 is 12. The geometric mean of 18 and 8 is 12.

What does 18 carat gold mean?

It is mean 18 parts by weight of pure gold i.e. 75% gold and 25% other cheaper matel

Meaning of 18 shoes in a debut?

The debut is a large celebration and tradition in the Philippineswhere 18 Treasures are given away by 18 people to celebrate a younglady turning 18. Giving them 18 shoes counts as their 18 Treasures,too.

What is the geometric mean of 4 and 18?

Remember that the geometric mean is the he nth root of the product of n numbers. Since you have two numbers it will be the square root of their product. In this case that is square root of ( 4x18)=square root of (72) which is about 8.485

What is the meaning of 18 red roses?

Here are the meanings of roses: 1 Rose - Love at first sight; you are the one 3 Roses - I love you 12 Roses - There are a dozen ways I care about you 18 Roses - I am sorry 24 Roses - Can't stop thinking of you - 24 hours a day 36 Roses - A romantic attachment unlike any other 48 Roses ( Full Answer )

What does 18 mean in spanish?

If you are asking how you say 18 in Spanish, it is said like one would say "10 and 8" in Spanish (Diez y Ocho) but spelled differently Dieciocho.

What can it mean when you have your period for 18 days?

Sometimes your body just reacts differently and it may be a result of something you did differently in your daily routine. If it still continues, visit a doctor about it, since they know best. The hospital isn't necessary; just a clinic or something.

What does 18 mean on a diabetes meter?

If you're in the US, it means 18 mg/dL, and is an extremely low blood sugar. You are likely to lose consciousness from lack of sugar in your blood. Put sugar in your mouth immediately. If you're anywhere else, it means 18 mmol/L and is a rather high reading. It is well above the daily target range ( Full Answer )

What does the movie rating 18 mean?

It means that you should only let people watch the film if their 18years and older (if you don't go to a cinema) This is only anadvice though. Although you should check with an official websitewhich refers to your country, as it can varry from country tocountry.

What does the number 18 mean biblically?

A: Some modern interpretation is that the number 18 means 'life', or 'bondage, or that it is the number of Jesus Christ. Of course, we should not for a moment think that the biblical authors had this meaning in mind when they wrote, but modern readers look for meanings even when none exists, so fo ( Full Answer )

Does 18 have a mean of 5?

A group of two or more numbers has a 'mean'. A single number doesn't. If you absolutely must have the mean of a single number, it's that number itself.

What does it mean if a movie is rated 18?

That means that the movie is only suitable for viewing by adults - legally, no-one under the age of 18 can be admitted to watch it. The cinema can insist on a patron producing proof of age by ID if they think someone is too young. They can also refuse admission if a person's ID is suspected of bei ( Full Answer )

What does the term 18 tube mean?

The term eighteen tube refers to a guitar amp which is available for about six hundred dollars through several different online companies such as Hughes and Kettner.

What does Hebrew number 18 mean?

Hebrew has no numerals, like 1, 2 and 3. Instead, Hebrew uses letters which would mean numerals, based on the context. So there are many "words" that look just like certain numbers. For example, the letters that spell the Hebrew word "chaim" also mean the number "18". The Hebrew word "chaim" means ( Full Answer )