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What does 1 french fry equal to?

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How many calories is in 1 French fry?

there are approximately 136 in a baked french fry

How many calories are in 1 McDonalds french fry?

There are between 6-10 calories in a single McDonald's French fry.

What is the longest french fry called?

The longest french fry is called the longest french fry. It has no name (probably).

Is this the plural or singular form of french fry?

'French fry' is singular. 'French fries' is plural.

What happens when you fry a french fry?

U get burnt french fries silly

What words end in fry?

french fry

What is french fry oil made of?

Vegetable oil can be used to fry french fries

Who ate the first french fry?

Nicole ate the first french fry!!!!!!! and she says it was delicious

Why is the French fry called a French fry?

Because it originated in france and french people eat it. It's just like why do they call it french bread?

What is 'une frite' when translated from French to English?

Une frite in French means "a French fry" or "one French fry" in English.

Is french fry chicken and deep fry chicken the same thing?

No its not.

Can i use shortening to deep fry french fries?

Yes, you can use shortening to deep fry french fries.

What is the plural of french fry?

That would be "French Fries".

What country made the first french fry?

the french.

Is fry singular or plural?

The word "fry" (e.g. a French fry, fish fry, stir fry) is singular.The word fry (hatchling fish) is an uncountable noun, it has no plural form. (The fry in the pond were splashing about.)

Who created the french fry?

The Belgians.

What is a french fry made of?


How do you get the french fry sprites?


Can a french fry be considered a carbohydrate?

A french fry is made from potatoes, and is a carb. Since it is fried, it is a very high fat carb.

Can a solar panel cook a french fry?

It would depend on what the solar panel did. If the french fry just laid there on the solar panel than it would come out as a cooked potato but if the solar panel was hooked up to a fryer, it would be able to cook the french fry. Remember, solar panels can power houses so I think it can cook a french fry!!!

Fastest time to eat a french fry?

Do you mean, who was the fastest person to eat a french fry, or what was the time that pie wagon ate it in? Since you can not respond, I will answer both! The fastest person to eat a french fry was Johor Swendle from Sweden. She ate the french fry, at a restaurant called Nappa, 0.6920345 seconds according to Guiness Book of World Records. Your Welcome!

What is the singular noun of french fries?

The singular noun for French fries is french fry.

Ironically the Belgians insist that they created the French fry doing so in Meuse in 1680 What is it that's so French about the french fry?

The way it's cut lengthwiseTotally!:)

Did the french fry come from France?

no french fries came from belgium

How many french fries at McDonalds would it take to equal one million calories?

A single french fry from McDonald's has about 6 calories. So it would take about 166667 french fries to reach one million calories.