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It means that the 240 volts is connected directly to the device rather than being connected through an outlet. In some cases an electric box may be wired between the power supply and device and could contain fuses, breakers or a disconnect of some type. For example if you have an outside air conditioner there should be a disconnect box on a wall near the unit. The unit would still be considered to be hard-wired.

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Q: What does 240 volt hard wiring mean?
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Can you change wall plugs 110 volt systems to suit 240 volt appliances?

It is not just the outlet, but the wiring and breakers that need to be compatible with your 240 Volt appliance. Get an electrician to look at your requirement.

When is white wire hot?

In residential wiring, if it is used as a switch leg or in 3 wire 240 volt circuits.

Your medical machine says 110240 can you use it in a 240 volt system in cuba?

If you mean 110/240, yes, but there may be a hidden switch to switch it to 240 volt mode. Check the manual.

Will a 240 volt appliance work with 200 volt supply?

Yes, a 240 volt appliance will work with a 200 volt supply.

Wiring diagram electric baseboard heater?

Yes, the heater is a 240/120 heater, but I want to operate as 120 volt

Can you get a Wiring diagram for 240 volt electric heater?

Check the manufacturer website. If there is no diagram on line you can contact their customer service.

Can you use a 240 volt 3 phase disconnect with 460 volt?

No, you cannot. You could use a 460 volt disconnect on 240, but you cannot use a 240 volt rated disconnect on 460.

Can a 120v light bulb work in a 240v lamp?

If you mean that the lamp is rated for 240 volts then yes, a 120 volt bulb will operate in it if the lamp bases fit. If the 240 volt lamp is operating on 240 volts then no, a 120 volt lamp will not work in the fixture.

What is more efficient to run a pool pump on 120 Volt or 240 Volt?


Can you plug a 250 volt appliance to 240 volt outlet?

Yes, the rating on a 240 volt receptacle is 250 volts.

Can you plug a 220 volt appliance into a 240 volt mains?

Yes, the appliance is within the acceptable 220 to 240 volt range.

Can you connect a 240 volt washer and dryer stackable plug into a 120 volt outlet?

No. Don't do it. You need 240 volt supply.

Can you change a 230volt adapter to 240?

230 volt is the same as 240 volt. The voltage in households will fluctuate between 220 and 240.

Can you run a double phase motor on home 220 volt system?

If you mean a dual voltage motor 120/240 then yes these will operate on a 240 volt home distribution system.

What happens when 110 volt airbrush compresor TC 196 is plugged into a 240 volt source?

First, someone would have changed the plug before that would be possible. 240 Volt receptacles do not accept 120 Volt plugs. Second, IF someone changed the plug on the compressor, then plugged it in using both legs of the 240 Volt circuit, the compressor motor would self destruct instantly; internal wiring would burn and you would smell the burning insulation.

Which is better to use a 120 Volt or a 240 Volt electric heater?

A 240 Volts heater requires a dedicated line and needs to stay in the area where it is installed. A 120 Volts heater can be plugged into any 120 Volt receptacle. Typically 240 Volt heaters are more efficient. That means they produce more BTU of heat per Watt of electricity. This may not always be the case so you should read the manufacturer's plate and find the output of each unit before you purchase it. Also a 240 Volt heater can use smaller gauge circuit wiring than a comparable size 120 Volt heater.

Can you convert 110 volt to 240 volt?


Which better 110 volt or 240 volts?


Can you plug 240 volt appliance into 230 volt outlet?

Yes, the appliance rating is a nominal voltage withing the 220 to 240 volt range. The 240 volt rating usually represents the maximum amount of voltage that can be applied to the appliance.

What is the difference between a 120 volt wire and 240 volt wire?

In North America the standard voltage ratings for conductors are 300 volts, 600 volts and 1000 volts. As you can see the 120 and 240 volts drop into the class of 300 volt wire. This is a great asset to electricians that wire homes, not having to worry about changing insulation ratings when wiring circuits for 120 volts and 240 volts. Most industrial and commercial wiring is done with 600 volt rated wire.

Is it acceptable to use a 240 volt recepticle with a 110 volt appliance?

No, it is not you will burn up any 110 rated item in a 240 volt outlet

Is red or white neutral for electrical work?

In residential wiring the white wire is neutral on the 120 volt circuits. On a 3way circuit the red is the traveler and the white is neutral. On a 240 volt 3 wire connection the white & black are hot. On a 240 volt 4 wire connection the black and red are hot and the white is neutral.

What wire do you need for a 30 amp clothes dryer?

Electrical wiring for a dryer power cord with a typical 240 Volt electric power cord with 3-wire and 4-wire wiring configurations.

Can you run a 120 v wire off a 240 v box?

If by 240 volt box you mean a tap from a junction box then the answer is no. The 120 volt circuit would need its own breaker and wire, sized to correctly supply the 120 volt load.

Can you install a receptacle that is rated for 240 volts to a 277 volt line?

No, the receptacle's rating is 240 volt and that is the maximum voltage allow to be applied to that device. To prevent this condition from happening 277 volt receptacles and switches have a larger box that they fit into. The retaining screws are set apart further that a 240 volt device which makes it impossible to install a 240 volt device in a 277 volt junction box.

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