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it looks like 2 grams of crushed and dried leaves sort of

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โˆ™ 2009-03-18 18:03:59
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Q: What does 2 grams of weed look like?
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How high will 2 grams of weed get you?

really high

How many grams have a half pound of weed?

1/2 pound = about 226.8 grams.

How much does a twenty dollar bag of weed weigh in grams?

it ways 2 grams stupid fuhkks

How much does a dub sack of weed weigh in grams?

2 gs

How much jail time can you get for 2 grams of weed?

In Colorado none

How much does 2 grams of weed cost?

depends were your at but usally it cost a dollar a .1 of a gram so 2 grams is around 20 bucks

What is the weight on a dime of hydro weed?

One gram with no baggie, 2 grams with.

How much does a 20 bag weigh of weed weigh?


What does 2 grams look like?

that last answer was a lie about it being 40 dollars its 20 and its like 5 bowls

What is a bowl of weed?

a bowl of weed (or marijuana) is typically referring the amount of grass a given device (bong, pipe, bubbler) will hold in it's capacity. a bowl is normally about 0.5 grams to 2 grams

What does the south china sea dragon look like?

There are 2 types of sea dragons.1 is a weedy sea dragon,and the other is a leafy sea dragon.Leafy Sea Dragons look like seeweed.WeedY Sea Dragons look like weed.

How much weed in an eighth?

Well, if your typical quarter bag is about 7 grams, then the eighth should be half of that or about 3 1/2 grams

What can you buy for 40 that's not considered a toy?

2 grams of weed ok...

How many grams are in 40 dollars worth of weed?

well it really depends on what kind you buy. 40 will get you 2 grams of dro or 15 grams of reggie.

How much weed can you get for 100 dollars?

I can get 12 grams for 100 dollars. I just got 5 grams for 40 dollars but I smoked it all in 2 days.;)

How much marijuana do you get for 10 dollars?

in most places you get about a gram. but if the weed is not really good, you can get 2 grams.

How many 8ths in a quarter of weed?

About 2. An eighth weighs 3.5 grams. A quarter is 7 grams. You might get more or less depending on if your provider uses a scale or just guesses.

How much weed in a 20 bag?

Should be about 2 grams unless its some diggity dank like AK47 then you can expect 1 gram for that price. That's in WV though could be different where you're at.

Is two grams egual a dime?

No, a dime is equivalent to $10 worth of marijuana. It usually weighs out to 1/2 a gram. Two grams of weed will run you around $40.

How many grams are in a teaspoon of marijuana?

To get an accurate dry measurement you MUST grind your weed up. Using a bud flower will not give you accurate results if you are trying to convert from grams to teaspoon without a scale as the bud is too dense and heavy. Here is the conversion from gram to teaspoon: 1 gram of weed = 1/4 teaspoon. 2 grams of weed = 1/2 teaspoon. 4 grams of weed = 1 teaspoon. I hope this helps, and please ignore the crappy answer by a previous individual who is obviously rude and uneducated. I am a Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate and have given the above conversion to many patients who prefer to ingest their weed instead of smoking it. Even though it is true that you can get a better high and a more instant pain relief (or buzz) from smoking your weed, many cancer patients and other medical marijuana patients are not able to do so for various reasons. Compassionately yours . .

Is 30 dollars for six grams of really good weed a good price?

Yes, usually it would be $10 a gram and you bought good weed, so it would be $20 a gram. So you would be paying $60 for 3 grams, so your basically buying a good amount of weed for half off. Best I've done is bought a 20 bag and got an 1/8th because the guy didn't know how much 2 grams was.

How much does a weed dime weight?

Usually between .5 and 2 grams however it depends on the quality of the marijuana, where you live, and dealer.

How much does a 8th weight of weed?

1 Ounce=28 Grams 1/2 Ounce=14 Grams 1/4 Ounce=7 Grams 1/8 Ounce=3.5 grams :)

What is the size chart on weed ounce gram 8th?

Size chart as how big the bud will be? its all depending on what kind of weed your dealing with. if you have dank or anything like that the size will be smaller, but on average an eighth will be be the size of a lighter and 1/4 will be 2 times that. its better to weigh it. The weight of an eighth is 3.5 grams and it goes incrementally up.

How do you use magnesium citrate to clean system of weed?

1. Keep it in a bottle. 2. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke some weed, take the bottle and look at it instead. 3. After a couple of months, your system will be reasonably clean of weed.