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Q: What does 2 percent 2nd 10th net 30 payment terms mean?
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What does ROG mean in payment terms?

Payment is required on Release Of Goods

What does COD mean in payment terms?

Cash on Delivery

What is the meaning of payment terms LOL?

Lol mean laugh out loud that it mean

What does the mean of M30 payment terms?

Payable in 30 days

What is D P at sight?

Wt do you mean Payment Terms 100% DP at Sigjht

What is Net 25th in payment Terms mean?

It means you pay on the 25th of each month

What does percent mean in math terms?

percent means per 100. so 3 out of 100 is 3 percent.

What does 30 days payment terms mean?

Means it should be paid in full withen 30 days.

What does DOE mean when referred to payment terms?

It means Depending On Experience or so. They also translate it as provision salary.

What does payment terms of 30 days DOI 60 days net mean?

In my area they mean payment is due 30 or 60 days from invoice date, respectively. -- days net or -- days DOI meaning the same thing.

What is the defference between money and currency?

There really is no difference in the terms of money and currency. Currency usually means a form of payment now, when it used to mean paper money. Money means cash and coin as a form of payment. Both terms can also mean credit cards, debit cards, money orders, and all other forms of payment. Checks are still used, but less frequently.

What does it mean for a customers invoice totaling 10500.00 if the payment terms are 10 percent 10 days net 30 days?

This is called as cash discount or settlement discountIn your question this means that a 10% discount is available if the payment is made withing 10 days from the invoice date otherwise the whole amount 10500 is to be paid within 30 days from the invoice date.