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What does 3 or 2 ton mean when talking about air conditioners?

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Ton for air conditioner1 ton of air conditioning = 12,000btu`s of cooling per 1 hour.

2 ton = 24,000 btu`s of heat removed in 1 one hour

3 ton - 36,000 and so on.

Airflow is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute)

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What does ton represent in air conditioners?

1 Ton is 12,000 BTU's of refrigerant movement.

What is the abbreviation of TR represented in Air Conditioners?


How much does an air conditioner weigh?

Air conditioners vary in weight. Some air conditioners can weigh more than a ton, while others only 50 to 60 pounds.

How many ton in a 1.5HP air conditioner?

air conditioners are sold /specified in tons because the heat related to melt one ton of ice is taken as standard capacity.

Relation between British Thermal Unit and Tonn used in air conditioners?

1 tonn used in air conditioning means 1 ton refrigerant used in air conditioning, so 1 ton refrigerant is same 12000 BTU

How many CFM in a Ton?

400 cfm per a 1 ton. If you are talking about air condition 400 cfm per a 1 ton. If you are talking about air condition12000 BTU in 1 ton300 - 350 CFM in 1 ton depends on mfg.Cfm and Tonnage of Refrigerent is are different units, then how these two units can be compared?cfm of what? feathers? lead?

What size inverter is required to run two 1.5-ton ACs?

To answer this question the amperage values of the two 1.5 ton air conditioners must be stated along with the voltage value that the A/C units operate on.

What is the best 2 ton air conditioner on the market?

Air conditioners (Split/ Window) are judged on star rating of Bureau of Energy Efficiency. More the stars more will be the savings. ACs installed with latest scroll technology compressor with five star rating is the best option available in the market. The proven technology in commercial sector-Copeland Scroll is now available with 2 TR spilt air conditioners. In fact, all five star rated air conditioners are energy efficient irrespective of any brand.

Would an air conditioner be better to measure with tons or pounds?

Air conditioners are measured in tons (one ton being equal to 12,000 Btu/h). The cooling capacity is measured in BTUs (British thermal units).

What is more energy efficient a single 2 ton air conditioner or two 1 ton Air conditioners for same room?

That depends on the size of the room, but the larger unit wont have to run as often or as long to cool the same space, but there is a point where too much is worse than just enough.

What ton unit should you have inside if you have a 4 ton ac outside?

It depends on the cooling load for the home. air conditioners are sized and rated as a matched system consisting of the condenser and evaporator. The capacity of the system changes with the different evaporators. Usually you use either the same size as the condenser or 1/2 ton larger.

Do air conditioners run on gas?

I once worked on a 318 Chrysler V-8 which ran on Natural Gas that drove an 80 ton AC compressor and cooled a print shop, Real pig...

What does a ton mean?

what dose ton mean

2.5 ton air condition mean how many kw in 220v?

2.5ton to kw

How many air conditioners of 2 ton is required for cooling of 2400 square feet area?

It depends on the height of the ceilings but for the average 8 to 12 foot ceilings the rule that is used is 1-ton for every 500 square feet, so you would need a 4.8-ton a/c unit or you could get by with (2) 2-ton units again depending on the height of the ceilings........

What does 'ton' mean in English?

ton (+ masculine noun) mean "your " ton chat : your cat

Do they make a 6 ton air conditioner?

Many companies make 6 ton air conditioners. AC systems of this size are rarely used for residential purposes, however - they're much, much bigger than any house would ever need. More commonly they are used for light commercial purposes like offices or retail stores.

How many BTU per Hour equals 1 Ton of Air Conditioning?

Air conditioners are rated in three ways, by B.T.U.'s, tons of refrigeration, or by horsepower. One ton of refrigeration removes the amount of heat needed to melt one ton of ice in 24 hours. One ton of refrigeration can remove 12,000 B.T.U.'s of heat in one hour. The B.T.U. is the amount of heat needed to raise 1 lb. of pure water 1 deg F.

How many cfm of air equals 1 ton of air?

There are 400 cfm in 1 ton

How many btu in 1 ton?

Assuming you are referring to air conditioning, and not a ton of coal or a ton of plutonium, then 1 ton of air conditioning equivalent = 12 000 BTU.

What is meant by 1 ton of air conditioner?

A "1 Ton" air conditioner is equal to a "12,000 BTU" rated air conditioner.

How many cfm of air 1 ton of air conditioning?

1 ton A/C have 400 CFM

How many btu in a 1 ton air condition?

Air Conditioning: 1 Ton = 12000 BTU

Are two air intakes needed?

If you are talking about air intakes for HVAC, it depends on the unit size IE: 2 ton to 5 ton etc. and the size of the area to be cooled and heated and the set up of the floor plan. If you can elaborate more on the type of air intakes you are talking about, unit size if applicable and square footage of floor plan and 1 story or 2 etc. I would love to give you a more specific answer.

How many Meter cubed in 20 ton?

Ton is a unit of mass, not of volume. The volume of a ton of material will vary, depending on what material you are talking about.