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45nm technology refers to size of the transistors in a chip. A technology node is defined as the ground rules of a process
governed by the smallest feature printed in a repetitive array.
The half-pitch of first-level interconnect dense lines is most
representative of the DRAM technology level required for the
smallest economical chip size . This is currently chosen
as the dimension that defines a technology node. It is, however,
anticipated that in the future, the half-pitch dimensions of either
metal or polysilicon interconnections of microprocessors
(MPUs) and ASIC devices may rival or even become smaller than
the corresponding half-pitch of DRAM. The half-pitch dimension
however, may not represent the smaller feature of the chip.
For instance, for logic devices, such as MPUs, physical bottom
gate length represents the smallest feature. Nevertheless, the
technology node definition remains tight to the half-pitch indicator
as defined above. see this ref. for more http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/101/21453/00994854.pdf?arnumber=994854
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